Firearms Registry to stop criminals and gangs from acquiring guns

Law-abiding firearms license holders will fill out a new digital gun register, making it more difficult for gangs and criminals to obtain guns, police said.

Police Chief Andrew Koster said the firearms register was launched today [Sat 24 June]over time a comprehensive picture of all firearms and weapons items legally held in New Zealand will be created, associated with each individual firearms license holder.

“Registries will give us a clearer picture of where all our licensed firearms are, especially if the firearms have changed ownership,” he says. “This will allow us to better identify potentially suspicious transactions and better track firearms that may be used in crime.

“The Registry provides us with a new and powerful tool to deter the diversion of firearms. is part of intelligence gathering and makes it harder for criminals to own firearms in the first place.”

Coster also noted that the registration system would have a direct impact on the safety of frontline police personnel.

“By adding firearms owned by firearms permit holders to the register, police attending the incident will be able to see in real time whether the firearm is registered at the address being called. It improves pre-arrival risk assessment.”

Te Tari Pouleke – Firearms Safety Authority – Executive Director Angela Blazier believes everyone in New Zealand wants our community to be free of gun crime and the Registry is among those emphasized the important role that responsible gun owners play.

“Registries are meant to make communities safer. Responsible firearms license holders fill them out, making it harder for criminals and gangs to obtain firearms unnoticed. This will allow all license holders to participate in the solution.”

Brazier said licensees can also benefit from the registry when buying and selling firearms.

“The registry will give licensees greater peace of mind when buying and selling firearms, as they will know if they are dealing with a current licensee and if their firearm is registered in the registry.

“We also noted the licensee community’s concerns about information security and privacy. We would like to reiterate that security was an important factor in the design and development of the registry system.”

The platform has undergone multiple security assessments by government-approved independent security experts. These are the same security experts who evaluate New Zealand banks, telecommunications providers, government departments and insurance companies.

“The privacy of license holders’ information is extremely important. We can reassure them that we meet or exceed all government communications security standards,” she said. increase.


Published by Police Media Center. Firearms Registry to stop criminals and gangs from acquiring guns

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