Fight for food security in Aotearoa

Filipa Hunt is like anyone else reading articles and flipping through magazines. What’s the difference between her However, an article she read about the global food waste epidemic in 2013 made her so “emerging” that she made it part of her own solution.

Meet one of the food rescue organizations working on this issue.

After discovering that “what” one-third of the world’s food produced for human consumption was wasted, Filipa decided to set up a local food rescue organization.

Her purpose is to fight for food security in the community. This means that everyone has access to safe and nutritious food at all times.

She also strives to reduce waste and help redistribute food from abundant places to people in need.

It’s a crime to waste a lot of food when so many people are hungry in the world, “says Filipa.

Satisfy food rescue

Satisfy Food Rescue was born in Kaiapoi in March 2014 and is now 7 years old and growing rapidly, collecting 12 to 15 tonnes of food each month.

There are currently four full-time part-time employees, thanks to important government and local grants. There are also 25 regular volunteers who work daily on weekdays to organize and classify foods that are ready to be received by one of the 27 recipient organizations.

Some charities and organizations that use this rescued food use it for food banks, homeless people, communities, soup kitchens that serve lunch in social homes, and low school breakfast clubs.

Stef Van Meer, Manager of Satisfy Food Rescue, explains the importance of providing fresh produce and meat to vulnerable communities. Satisfy believes that everyone needs to have access to high quality, nutritious foods and corporate responsibility to reduce waste.

When asked about the quality of the food they rescued, Stef lit up and proudly said, “We will never redistribute food we don’t eat.”

Stef Van Meer and Cameron Crawley working in the warehouse

“We never expire, but we need to educate more about best-by date marketing,” says Stef. “It’s a very disposable society, so kids aren’t taught what our Nana knows all about.”

Rescue foods that are later not considered of sufficient quality are passed to a local pig farmer. “All areas of waste are considered,” says Stef.

Work together to share the load

Due to the significant expansion of the business, it has recently moved to a larger site and is currently collecting from six supermarkets from Mandeville to Amberley.

Given the fact that Satisfy is only one of at least 19 food rescue organizations around New Zealand, it is very humble and inspires our country to achieve both domestically and globally. I will.

Satisfy Food Rescue not only acts as an independent charity, but also Kaiapoi Food Forest, Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust, The Salvation Army, Hope Community Trust, Oxford Community Trust, Social Services Hurunui, Hurunui District Council, The Hurunui District Council, which makes up the Food Secure North Canterbury, is particularly focused on efforts to ensure a sustainable food supply.

Steve says

The ultimate goal is to get out of work. We want to achieve food security in the community. “

Efforts to address food loss

Addressing these major social and global issues may seem like a tremendous challenge. However, if it breaks down, you may see light at the end of the tunnel.

“There are many things you can start from home,” says Phillipa. “It all starts with respect for food and we don’t take it for granted.”

She also suggests making the most of the food we buy. Meal plans and shopping lists not only reduce waste, but also help store food properly, so they won’t spoil before use. Planting vegetable gardens and fruit trees and sharing their abundance with friends and neighbors is also a great way to contribute.

In a world where we are often overworked and overwhelmed, we are relieved to know that even the slightest change can make a big difference.

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Fight for food security in Aotearoa

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