Female eggs may prefer one male sperm to another male sperm: study

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020 (HealthDay News)-People have certain qualities that they seek from their spouse, and a new study found that female eggs may also be selective for sperm.

Researchers said the findings provide new insights into human reproduction. Eggs do not just accept sperm, they actually show that they have more say than previously recognized.

Immediately before FertilizationThere is a chemical “conversation” between the egg and sperm, explained John Fitzpatrick, an associate professor at Stockholm University in Sweden and a leader in new research.

“Chemical signals released from an egg allow sperm to alter sperm. swimming “When exposed to chemical signals, sperm swim straight and move toward the egg, in other words, the egg releases sperm-inducing chemicals, such as the traces of bread dust that guide the sperm to the egg,” Fitzpatrick said. And this can have an impact Fertility.. “

Based on new discoveries, female eggs preferentially use these signals to better attract sperm from certain males.

Researchers came to that conclusion after studying samples of sperm and follicular fluid from the couple they were receiving. Infertility treatment.. Follicular fluid contains chemicals that surround the egg and attract sperm.

Follicular fluid in one woman was found to be better at attracting sperm in certain men than in others. And egg preferences did not always match the choices of a female spouse.

It’s not clear if there is a practical impact to deal with infertilitySaid Fitzpatrick.

“But,” he said, ” infertility There is no clear cause.We didn’t consider how chemical signals affect egg-sperm interactions. infertility Before. Our work will help open the door for us to consider this in the future. “

The findings were published online in the journal on June 10th. Bulletin of the Royal Society B..

Dr. Natan Bar-Chama is chairman of the Male Reproductive and Urology Society in Birmingham, Alabama, and the findings are based on a small number of couples, and the statistical findings in the study do not always lead to actual physiology. I warned. ..

However, according to Bar-Chama, the existence of such a process makes sense. According to him, that means that until the last moment, the egg is fighting for the most suitable sperm.

But it’s not clear how important the “final filter” is to a couple’s chances of having a baby, Virchama said.

“This is a step and its impact has not yet been determined,” he said.

Fitzpatrick Infertility treatment, The effects of egg chemical signals may actually be minimal. “This is because eggs and sperm are treated very well clinically in vitro. Fertilization I was given every opportunity to produce a protocol and a viable embryo, “he explained.

In addition, Bar-Chama infertility Therapeutic sperm are often injected directly into the egg through a process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

But can avoiding the final chemical interaction between the egg and sperm have consequences? Again, Bar-Chama pointed out all the steps taken to ensure that the most viable embryos implant.

“I think we have all the data on ICSI (health) Baby Talk on its own. “

However, according to Fitzpatrick, the chemical attractant of the egg can be more important during natural fertilization. On average, studies found that when follicular fluid was “more attractive” in its chemical signal, about 18% more sperm swam for their goals. And that could be “quite important,” Fitzpatrick said.

“Our best estimate is that only a few hundred sperms reach the egg,” he said. “And only about 10% of these sperms can fertilize an egg at any time.”

Of course, couples probably gather without clues to their egg and sperm compatibility. And no one says that the chemical dynamics of these egg sperms can create or destroy the possibility of pregnancy.

“Instead, it may make certain egg and sperm combinations easier to fertilize,” Fitzpatrick said. “There’s still a long way to go to say this clearly, but it’s certainly possible.”

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Source: Dr. John Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor, Faculty of Animal Science, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Natan Bar-Chama, MD, Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, Birmingham, AL, and Director, Center of Male Reproductive Health, RMA of New York, New York City; Bulletin of the Royal Society B, Online, June 10, 2020

Female eggs may prefer one male sperm to another male sperm: study

Source link Female eggs may prefer one male sperm to another male sperm: study

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