Fear of Indian Covid Variants Discovered in the UK-As a Case of South African Stock Increase

Experts have expressed concern about the increase in new cases COVID-19 The first variant to appear in India.

Public Health England (PHE) reported that 73 cases of the B.1.617 variant were found in the United Kingdom and 4 cases were found in Scotland.

77 numbers Latest update PHE surveillance on the distribution of various variants across the UK, based on data up to April 7

Authorities are currently designating “variants under investigation” (VUI) rather than “variants of concern” (VOCs) such as Manaus in Brazil and variants in South Africa.

Meanwhile, 600 people in the UK have been infected with South African coronavirus mutants, with an additional 56 reported this week.

PHE does not reveal whether the figure contains cases detected as a result of surge testing. In London, an additional test facility was launched this week to limit the spread of variants after a series of cases were discovered.

Of the first coronavirus variants found in India, Danny Altmann, a professor of immunology at Imperial College, said he was likely to escalate to VOCs.

Authorities currently have no evidence to suggest that the disease from the newly identified mutant is more serious than the previous one, and no current evidence to suggest that the vaccine is unlikely to act on it. Said.

Cases detected in the United Kingdom are spread across different parts of the country, many of which are understood to be related to travel abroad, but investigations are ongoing.

According to PHE, this variant “contains many mutations such as E484Q, L452R, P681R”.

PHE said mutations in the 484 peplomer are associated with mutations in Manaus and South Africa.

The E484K mutation has been reported in laboratory experiments to weaken antibody neutralization, but the E484Q mutation is different and is still under investigation.

The virus mutates frequently by its nature, with more than 18,000 mutations discovered during the Covid-19 pandemic, the overwhelming majority of which do not affect the behavior of the virus.

The latest PHE findings mean that there are 7 VUIs and 4 VOCs being tracked by British scientists.

Professor Altman told the PM of BBC Radio 4:

“This is similar to what we know. Matching some of the features we’ve seen before with this E484 change we’ve seen earlier in similar but different versions of South Africa and Brazil. , Then increase infectivity. Changes seen in California variants.

“As we continue to say, it is a change in infectivity and new avoidance.

“This isn’t a” variant of concern “yet, but I think it will.

“I look at them all and they are the ones that are the most wasteful of our escape plans at the moment and can give us a third wave. They are worried.”

In India, the incidence of Covid-19 has skyrocketed, with more than 13.9 million confirmed cases and 172,000 deaths.

The country is not currently on the government’s “Red List” of travel. This indicates that people who have stayed in these countries in the last 10 days have refused to enter the UK.

British or Irish people, or people with UK residence rights, can return from the Red List country but must be quarantined at the Quarantine Hotel for 10 days.

Professor Altman said he thought India “should” be on the Red List of countries where travelers need to undertake hotel quarantine when they arrive in the United Kingdom.

An Imperial College expert said:

“Obviously, policy isn’t my area of ​​expertise, but I think it’s a bit confusing as a scientist.

“I know that their mutants have not been proven to be responsible for 200,000 cases per day, which is associated with a fairly high percentage of gene sequencing.

“So, as far as I can see, it should probably be a Red Listed country.”

Boris Johnson’s visit to India continues here you go Despite the rapid increase in cases of coronavirus in Japan.

The prime minister had already shrunk him at the end of April due to the worsening coronavirus situation in the country, but Downing Street claimed it was still going.

A No. 10 spokesman said in a Westminster briefing:

“The program is said to be a bit shorter than before, and the body of his program can be expected to take place on Monday, April 26th.

“As you can imagine, safety is clearly important and a priority for us on this trip, so we make sure that every element of our visit is safe with Covid.”

Johnson was scheduled to spend four days in South Asian countries at the end of the month, but was able to spend “most” of the meeting in one day after a meeting with the Narendra Modi administration.

Downing Street was asked why India wasn’t on the Red List despite the surge in incidents, and said the situation was “continuously being reviewed.”

A No. 10 spokesman told reporters: “Add and remove countries based on the latest scientific data and public health advice from a variety of world-leading experts.

“We are constantly reviewing and will not hesitate to introduce more stringent restrictions and add countries if we think it is necessary.”

However, Labor said that India’s mutations that invaded Britain were “honestly liable to the British government.”

Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas Simons said: “The minister has been repeatedly warned that if we do not implement a comprehensive hotel quarantine policy, we will be exposed to Covid variants.”

Fear of Indian Covid Variants Discovered in the UK-As a Case of South African Stock Increase

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