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The electric micro Batmobile that made Goodwood shine was developed by Brit, who ran at the 2020 NZGP meeting.

At the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​Hill Climb, all that a car needs to headline is INSANE’s performance. But in just the right way, this year we’re adding a small stopwatch stopper to the bonker with a quasi-kiwi connection.

You don’t have to use your imagination to imagine what a single-seater electric hypercar with design clues from Batmobile would actually look like.

Participants in the just-finished 2021 festival were able to actually see and hear it.

McMurtry Speirling has created a sensation on the internet with its appearance, monster power, and 120 decibel screaming soundtrack. The final soundtrack is the result of running an underbody fan that adds 500kg of downforce when stopped.

Fans were the first trick adopted by British design Gordon Murray, first in Brabham’s Formula One car and later in his latest road car.

Speirling is not a Murray project, but it has an F1 connection because some of the specialists who developed Speirling come from its background.

Among them is the young Briton, Dave Turton. The name may ring the bell to Kiwi Motorsport fans.

An avid rival of the Mazda MX-5 club race in the UK, he was a bit of a media here when he shook a drive in this type of NZ category when pitching as a support class at the 2020 New Zealand Grand Prix. I became a celebrity.

Tarton, who was in the countryside on a long vacation with his wife Joe, was taken after quitting his job with the Mercedes F1 team. He also worked in Williams. He also proved to be a useful driver – winning two of the three MX-5 heats at the Manfield Circuit Chris Amon.

Tarton later shared the excitement of seeing Spearing run at Goodwood in the hands of the famous motorsport legend Derek Bell, who won the Le Mans five times.

McMurtry Automotive is still designated as “experimental” and “becomes the ultimate ruleless truck car by exploring the routes that unrestrained technological evolution would have taken from the Golden Age. “Designed to” has not yet described the full future of the car racing to shape today’s motorsports. “

The full carbon body, 3.2 meters long, 1.05 meters high and 1.5 meters wide, fits comfortably in a single occupant, but in return it cuts air very efficiently.

Equipped with McMurtry’s uniquely designed rear-wheel drive 2-motor e-axle system, it keeps the 60kWh battery pack low and centered.

Final output figures are not available, but the company promises to provide at least 1 horsepower per kg of weight and a final weight of less than 1000 kg. According to the company, this is enough power to comfortably achieve zero 300kmh in less than 9 seconds. For safety, this has not been tested on the Road March Goodwood Estate course (main driveway).

To reduce that kind of power through just two poor 240-section rear tires-and actually to help it pull a serious cornering G-force with such a narrow wheelbase-McMartley is under the car I decided to run a 56kW fan.

The only other car on the market doing this is the Murray T.50 with its screaming Cosworth V12 and ground-sucking fan arrangement.

In places where most electric cars are very quiet, Speirling’s fan system makes a fair amount of racket – a racket like a jet turbine equivalent to 120 decibels. McMurtry still sees it as a “happy accident” and adds a bit of a drama deficiency to the world of electric vehicles.

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Fantastic phwoar

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