F5 Networks Completes Acquisition of Volterra

F5 Networks completed its US $ 500 million acquisition of Volterra this week. It is an edge platform as a service that is part of F5’s efforts to create an edge platform for businesses and service providers.

Volterra’s technology has surged three of the top 16 carriers in the world, including SoftBank. Today, as part of F5’s portfolio, this technology helps drive the security-first, app-driven edge on an “unlimited scale.”

Volterra founder Ankur Singla said he couldn’t imagine a better partner to empower his business through modern applications and wasn’t happy with the deal.

“The current edge approach wasn’t designed with the enterprise in mind,” says Singla.

“When Harshad and I started Volterra, we knew we needed to provide an edge on a public cloud scale, but management and security integrated with data centers where so many enterprise apps still exist. Has been done, “he adds.

F5 President and CEO François Locoh-Donou shared that sentiment and said it was exciting to include Volterra as part of the F5 family and embark on the design of Edge 2.0 for its customers.

“We will work together to provide enterprise-grade features such as world-class security and scale that were previously missing from the edge,” he said.

According to F5 Networks, the F5 + Volterra Edge 2.0 platform is:

Security first. F5 + Volterra’s Edge 2.0 platform offers the full range of F5 security products in the SaaS model. F5’s AI technology to protect against fraud and misuse is the main line of cyber defense for the majority of large banks, airlines and federal agencies, and can be deployed by any company.

App driven. Edges must meet the requirements of the app and not the other way around. The Volterra platform is based on industry-standard containers, allowing enterprises to “build once and deploy globally” instead of rewriting code under the constraints of closed-edge providers.

Unlimited scale. Third-party CDNs can’t match the size and capital expenditures of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google’s public clouds. Nor does a single public cloud match the combined size of all clouds. The F5 + Volterra Edge 2.0 platform represents an open-edge architecture that allows DevOps and teams of developers to shift workloads between clouds and even to the data center without reimplementing or rebuilding tools.

The acquisition includes all of Volterra’s outstanding and outstanding shares, resulting in approximately US $ 440 million in cash and approximately US $ 60 million in deferred consideration. We also envisioned undetermined incentive compensation for founders and employees.

Volterra will remain at its current US-based Santa Clara headquarters.

F5 Networks Completes Acquisition of Volterra

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