Expanding New Zealand’s contribution to Operation GALLANT PHOENIX

Defense Minister Peeni Henare and Police Minister Poto Williams confirmed New Zealand’s continued contribution to Galant Phoenix intelligence in Jordan.

The Cabinet has extended New Zealand’s multi-agency mandate for two years until June 2023, but the number of staff deployed remains less than 10.

Operation Gallant Phoenix began in 2013 and its original purpose was to track the flow of foreign terrorist fighters in and out of Iraq and Syria. Over time, it has evolved into a platform for partners to collect and share information and intelligence about potential and existing terrorist threats, regardless of threat ideology.

Operation Gallant Phoenix now consists of a number of countries and a variety of agencies, including law enforcement, military and civilian agencies.

“Participation in Operation Gallant Phoenix began in late 2014 as part of ISIS’s response to the global threat. ofI will help you.

“Deployment to Operation Gallant Phoenix provides New Zealand with valuable information. It builds relationships with international partners, contributes to global efforts to combat violent extremism, and elsewhere. It helps you gain experience in ways you can’t achieve, which makes New Zealanders safe, “said Pini Enale.

“The value of our involvement was recently highlighted by the Royal Investigation Report on Christchurch’s Terrorist Attack on Majindyne, which referred to New Zealand’s security interests,” said Poto Williams.

“This multi-institutional deployment will help us understand and respond to the threats of current and future terrolists and violent extremists,” said Pot Williams.

Media contacts:

Irena Smith, Defense Minister Spokesperson, 021 845 205

Expanding New Zealand’s contribution to Operation GALLANT PHOENIX

Source link Expanding New Zealand’s contribution to Operation GALLANT PHOENIX

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