Ethical shoppers look to Black Friday boycotts

The majority of consumers choose to boycott Black Friday this year because they choose to shop independently and sustainably and support their communities.

62% of shoppers will boycott Black Friday

Black friday Beginning in the United States as part of the Thanksgiving tradition, it has since become a hottest date in the UK, effectively marking the beginning of the festive shopping season, but the pandemic consumer focus has changed and too. Transactions from large retailers that aren’t true have lost a lot of appeal. In fact, a recent survey found that nearly two-thirds (62%) of all shoppers intended boycotts. Black friday This year.

Shopli, an independent business directory and marketplace nationwide, will permanently change shopping in the UK as the majority of shoppers focus more on local communities, sustainability, and independent business support. I think it was.

Lee Nathan, CEO of Shopli and Regional Chairman of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (FSB), commented: Independent companies can offer more than just alternatives and discounts, such as truly unique, more sustainable, locally procured products. This conveys to consumers more value than quick savings from huge faceless brands. “

Discover a local business in the UK

With over 250,000 independent retailers, hospitality, leisure and other style businesses across the UK, along with many national brands, local high streets and centers help attract shoppers and businesses to these communities. It plays an important role in maintaining the prosperity of the country.

Shopli’s groundbreaking solution allows shoppers to discover local businesses, shop and save money nationwide with thousands of independent businesses, and connect and chat directly. We have the knowledge that all companies comply with Shopli’s Code of Conduct, Guidelines, Practices and Standards of Conduct. The Shopli platform is completely free and leverages state-of-the-art websites and apps to connect consumers to independent businesses and communities across the UK.

Lee said:

As the FSB’s regional president, I have been actively involved with many local business owners and directly know that many have struggled over the last two years, and these retailers and services compete nationwide. We have developed a platform that will help you. level. “

The Shopli app is available on both Android and iOS operating systems, already has thousands of validated retailers, services and products available, and is completely free for both consumers and independent businesses.

Ethical shoppers look to Black Friday boycotts

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