ER in local hospitals is as effective as city hospitals: research

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021 (HealthDay News)

If you live in the country, new research brings encouraging discoveries: your chance to survive heart attack, stroke Or, other potentially life-threatening emergency medical care in the local emergency department is similar to the odds in the US city ER.

Researchers analyzed more than 470,000 results among Medicare beneficiaries treated in rural and urban ER between 2011 and 2015.

According to the survey, the overall 30-day mortality rate was 3.9% for rural ERs and 4.1% for urban ERs. However, patients with symptoms that did not lead to a specific diagnosis had higher mortality rates in rural ER than in urban ER.

Researchers also found that patients with ER in rural areas were much more likely to be transferred than patients with ER in urban areas, 6.2% vs. 2%.

“The local emergency department system works well for individual conditions that are quickly diagnosed, approached for treatment, and transferred as needed,” said senior research author Keith Kochel, associate professor. Says. Emergency medical care Michigan Medicine-At the University of Michigan.

“We initially expected to see even greater differences in mortality due to the high proportion of inpatients in rural hospitals, but the findings show that access points to these important cares are It also shows that it works well for patients who serve frequently. It doesn’t raise money like its peers in metropolitan areas. “

“Arranging the timely transfer of patients from local hospitals can often be very difficult, COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) “Pandemic” was added. The lead author of the study, Dr. Margaret Greenwood Ericksen, is a graduate of the National Institute for Health Policy Innovation in Michigan’s National Clinician Scholarship Program.

“These findings further emphasize how impressive it is that local hospitals have produced the same results despite these challenges,” she said in the release.

This study was published in the journal on November 19th. JAMA network open..

Researchers have pointed out that since 2010, more than 100 US regional hospitals have been closed, depriving communities of emergency care.

“This work demonstrates the crucial importance of the local emergency department,” Kocher said, emphasizing that policymakers should focus on ensuring access to these ERs. bottom.

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Source: University of Michigan Medicine-University of Michigan, News Release, November 19, 2021

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ER in local hospitals is as effective as city hospitals: research

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