Environment Minister Susan Lee states that climate change measures are not in her portfolio in relation to the state | Climate change

Environment Minister Susan Lee refused to push by state counterparts to maintain a loop on the Morrison government’s plans for climate change. International talks to be held in Glasgow in November – She tells them that she is not responsible for mitigation efforts.

Some sources confirmed to Guardian Australia that there was a turmoil at a meeting between Ray and many ministers of both the Liberal and Labor parties on Thursday.

Given that climate risk management is essential for effective environmental management, the state’s environment minister argues that federal counterparts are responsible for reducing the risk of runaway climate change, consulting and cooperating with the state. Insisted that we should promise.

However, Ray is understood to have stated that climate change mitigation efforts are beyond the scope of the portfolio’s responsibilities and cannot be easily explained or coordinated with them. Angus Taylor is responsible for the Morrison government’s climate change response.

When Josh Frydenberg held the portfolio, environment, energy and climate change were previously included in a single federal portfolio, but have changed under the Morrison government.

As they pointed out to Ray, some state ministers retain both policy responsibilities and thought it impossible for the federal environment minister to effectively opt out of responsibility for climate mitigation efforts. It was.

Ray told state counterparts that he would cooperate in adaptability and resilience measures within the federal environmental portfolio.

Its ultimate landing site was announced in a communiqué announced after the meeting on Thursday. “The Minister of the Environment discussed the important role that cooperation plays in building a more climate-resistant Australia.

“Recognizing the different but complementary roles of Australia’s three levels of government in responding to changing climates, the Minister said to the climate impacts of droughts, heat waves, wildfires and other natural disasters. Discussed priorities to ensure that natural resources, the environment and water infrastructure are more resilient.

“Ministers have agreed to work together to help the Government of Australia develop its 2021 National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy to set a roadmap for National Climate Resilience.

“The Federation has also agreed to work with states and territories up to COP26.”

In a statement to Guardian Australia, Ray’s spokesman said: [but] Apparently in the official communiqué, she was unable to make a formal promise on issues under the authority of other ministers.

“This is a fairly basic principle that the state would have been aware of.”

Prior to the COP in Glasgow, US President Joe Biden Invite 40 world leaders, A virtual summit on climate crisis next week, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison – an event around the same time as Earth Day.

Biden is expected to announce what the administration called “Ambitious 2030 emission targets” At the summit next week, the United States re-signed the Paris Agreement.

Morrison’s words to achieve net zero by the middle of the century since Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election have warmed considerably, and many Commonwealth Liberal parties support the coalition making concrete commitments, but Australia. It is unclear whether will flag the new policy pledge next week. Use the summit as an opportunity to keep Australian records.

Prior to the summit, a coalition of environmental, aid and church groups put up a full-page advertisement in the newspaper, urging Morrison to raise the bar of ambition and provide concrete efforts.

Michael E. Mann, one of the world’s most influential climate scientists, told Guardian Australia this week that Australia needs to: Strengthen concrete efforts “We weren’t fooled by smoke and mirrors, so the Morrison government seems to be hiring to distract from their clear record of inaction on climate,” said a US climate negotiator.

Prior to Thursday’s Environment Ministers’ meeting, Ray reforms waste policy, climate adaptation and national conservation legislation 2021 Federal Environmental Priorities..

Ray clarified these priorities in a letter to the state counterparts in February, stating that Morrison had proposed those priorities.

The Federal and State Environment Ministers did not meet at all in 2020. The lack of coordination has raised concerns for environmentalists given the damage caused by wildfires in early 2020.

Environment Minister Susan Lee states that climate change measures are not in her portfolio in relation to the state | Climate change

Source link Environment Minister Susan Lee states that climate change measures are not in her portfolio in relation to the state | Climate change

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