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Providing teachers with access to quality professional learning development is a responsibility that schools cannot bear. PLDs can have a significant impact on improving teacher effectiveness and improving student performance.

The ever-evolving fff feast …

The knowledge that a school wants to develop among its staff may not meet the learning needs and needs of individual teachers. How to fund and invest in PLDs is often controversial. And the various options offered for both the school and its teachers to consider are the ever-changing buffet.

So what are the options for schools? There are many different private organizations that have provided PLDs of various shapes and sizes, as well as recently updated government-funded PLDs, which are provided by regional allocation.

Last year, Aotearoa’s PLD priorities were reset to “focus on the capabilities of the core curriculum that enable a more responsive and equitable education system.” The new PLD priorities were communicated through Kōrero Mātauranga through its involvement with people throughout the New Zealand education system and by efforts led by the Ministerial Advisory Group on Curriculum Progress and Achievement.

In mid-March 2021, the Ministry of Education revealed that it had reviewed the percentage of PLD time given to each region for PLD. Announced that starting from the 2021-22 fiscal year (July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022), more time will be allocated through the PLDs allocated to the region.

The ministry announced: Working hours increase in most areas.

“These additional time is allocated to the places of greatest need, with some fairness and population in each region, including students, schools and clubs, Maori and Pacific students, deciiles 1 and 2 schools and clubs. I considered the factors. “

Formerly a region-focused PLD, a model of region-assigned PLDs was introduced in 2017. This shifted the focus from country to region, and the decision to allocate PLDs was made by the local panel.

These panels are made up of representatives from the local education sector with local knowledge and background, including Iwi, principals, school leaders, and members of representative groups such as educational associations. A cross-section of the English and Maori middle school, junior high school, and junior high school leaders is displayed. The Panel will review all applications from the region, provide recommendations for assignments to the Director of Education in the region, and the Director of Education in the region will approve the assignment.

MoE has announced seven new PLD priorities that underpin the PLDs assigned to the region. New priorities for setting English media are cultural competence, community curriculum design, and assessment for learning. The new priorities for Maori medium and teleo Maori settings are: Matauranga Maori and Tereo Maori, Marau Akra, Aroma Tawai. Digital fluency will continue to take precedence in all settings.

The ministry said: The PLD assigned to the region must match one or more priorities. “

The first of this kind, in line with the priorities of these new PLDs Teacher Aid PLD Pilot Fund, Here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The fund supports the further development of teacher aide skills and knowledge through PLDs that contribute to the vision of school and student needs. A total of $ 2.29 million will be provided to Assistant Teacher PLD over the 18-month exam period that began in July. Up to $ 1,500 is paid per faculty assistant and can be applied for by anyone employed in a state or state school. Funding covers up to $ 500 for transportation and accommodation, in addition to course and time costs.More information can be found online

Early-stage principal PLDs are available through the Leadership Advisor service.

Provided by Evaluation Associates on behalf of the Ministry of Education, this PLD service is in the role of “providing targeted, timely and customized leadership advice to enable each person to reach their full potential” for the first year. Or support the second year principal and tumuaki.

There are plenty of PLD opportunities for teachers across all subjects.That information is new Below the website Network of expertiseIt provides subject associations and links to other peer-to-peer networks that provide teacher support.

No matter where you look in 2021, it is an important area of ​​PLD and an integral part of government’s new priority is digital fluency. With this, the Ministry of Education aims to help teachers, Kaiako, Akonga, and students “use digital technology confidently and effectively to improve their teaching and learning outcomes.”

“Digital fluency is about allowing Aconga to develop critical literacy skills in the digital context and recognize how languages, symbols and texts affect understanding and communication.”

The range of PLD opportunities in the post-coronavirus infection world is wider than ever and is increasingly available online, but with the digital capabilities of teachers and students, we are in this changing world. Correspondence is essential. At the same time, prioritize cultural understanding. Face-to-face PLDs as we evaluate and rediscover the desire for face-to-face human connections in this new era of learning and development in the field of education and beyond to meet individual learning needs and needs. Demand can skyrocket. ..

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Empower teachers and expand their knowledge | School News

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