Eminem’s adopted daughter, Arina, feels “lucky to be here” on her birthday

Eminem’s adopted daughter, Arina, feels “lucky to come here” on her birthday (Photo: Instagram)

Eminem’s adopted daughter, Aleina Scott, had a shared narcissistic congratulatory message when she marked her 28 years old.

To celebrate her birthday, she rang out with cake and champagne on a special day, proclaiming, “I feel blessed and lucky to be here.”

Eminem adopted Alaina in the mid-2000s.. She is the daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott’s sister Dawn.

Dressed in a glittering wrap dress and posing with 28 giant billboards and balloons, Aligner told her followers that the path to love her wasn’t easy, but she felt like she was finally there.

She writes: “I can’t deny that my birthday is my favorite. You, my, everyone – I love the good reason to celebrate. 🍾

“Today I’m 28 years old and I can’t help but love the person I’m in. It wasn’t always the case, and it took a lot of effort to get to this point, but it’s nice. I feel like I was here. I feel really blessed and lucky to be here. This year I’m all ready for me ❤️’

Alaina concludes the message with the following: “Thank you for all your birthday wishes, thank you, you are all the best! 🙏”

At dawn-the real mother of Aligner-died in January 2016, fighting drug addiction, Eminem and her ex-wife Kim took care of Aligner.

“I was always there for Haley, and my niece has been a part of my life ever since she was born. I and Kim almost had her, she said we I lived with us wherever I was, “Rapper told Rolling Stone in 2004.

Eminem adopted Alaina in the mid-2000s (Photo: Getty)

Dawn also had two sons, Patrick and Adam Scott, but it is understood that Eminem (real name Marshall Mothers) is not their legal guardian.

Not just Aligner’s dad Eminem has a daughter, Haley, 22 years old, He shared with Kim and adopted Kim’s daughter Whitney from a previous relationship.

Fans will have heard Eminem mention his three girls in some of his hits.

Haley, Now available on Instagram and TikTok, Appearing on about 22 of her famous dad’s tracks, Alaina is mentioned in Eminem’s song Mockingbird, where he calls her Lainie.

The lyrics are as follows: ‘And you and Rainey were too young to understand it / Daddy was a rolling stone, Mom developed a habit / Seeing how much you grew up, it’s you now sisters Seems to be / Wow, you’re pretty guessing Daddy is still here / Rainey, I’m talking to you, Daddy is still here. “

Eminem and ex-Kim got married in 1999, but divorced in 2001, just two years later.

At that time, he vowed never to marry again, but later settled with Kim and remarried in 2006. Eminem filed for divorce again a few months later.

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Eminem's adopted daughter, Arina, feels "lucky to be here" on her birthday

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