Emergency treatment or ER? Which one should I choose?

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Let’s say you’re catching with your child by twisting their ankles.Or maybe your daughter rash It’s spreading. Would you like to visit the emergency department of an emergency department or hospital?

According to experts, many cases of injury or illness can be dealt with in an emergency clinic rather than in a hospital emergency department.

Mary Dixon, a certified registered nurse at the Carlisle Outpatient Center for Health in Pennsylvania, said:

“We can evaluate, provide treatment, and refer patients to professional services when needed,” she explained in a Penn State Health news release.

“We deal with many minors sprain simple fracture -Can take X-rays and stabilize fracture In the sprint, “Dixon said. “In winter, we can see many injuries from slips and falls, as well as colds and respiratory illnesses, and people often come to us. Insect bites, Urticaria,ear pain, rash, Urinary tract symptoms and headache

Healthcare providers in emergency care facilities prepare prescriptions for everything from antibiotics to topical creams and consult a doctor if necessary.

Going to emergency treatment can also save time and money.

“Usually in emergency treatment, we try to deal with one complaint and keep the visit at 15 minutes,” said Dixon, who said that a typical emergency room waiting for a non-life-threatening problem could easily take more than an hour. I said it would take.

Also, most health insurance plans charge more out-of-pocket costs for emergency room visits than for emergency treatment visits.

“I think emergency treatment can sound a bit misleading,” Dixon said. “Emergency treatment can be associated with emergencies, but emergency treatment is useful for general problems that do not require detailed evaluation. It’s for treatment. “

However, she emphasized that major emergency care requires a business trip to the emergency department. These include:

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More details on the American College of Emergency Physicians Emergency and emergency treatment..

Source: Penn State Health, News Release, April 21, 2021

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Emergency treatment or ER? Which one should I choose?

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