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When it comes to outdoor love, Subaru is right there with the best of them – so perfect, it gave the first electric car, a rugged looking compact crossover, a perfect name.

New Zealand will see Soltera, a Latin tag that combines the “sun” and “earth” and emphasizes the environmentally friendly conditions of cars.

The wait time may be too long. In addition to announcing this, with two images provisioned, Subaru suggested that the first market receive the model within a year from now.

Citation markets such as Japan, USA, Canada, Europe, China. Subaru New Zealand is also aiming for the top tier.

The brand expressed its appreciation for Mother Nature, “with our customers, our commitment to further advance the form of coexistence with Mother Nature and provide the ability to carry the traditional Subaru SUV anywhere. I chose Soltera to represent it. ” All electric vehicle. “

The manufacturer’s first all-electric is on a dedicated e-Subaru global platform co-developed with Toyota. Toyota’s original model (recently revealed as the BZ4X concept) is also scheduled to go into production in 2022. Of course, so is Toyota. New Zealand raised his hand.

The brand is still mom about the type of powertrain. Subaru proposed that Soltera be a standard all-wheel drive, but why couldn’t it? That is the spirit of the brand here. That probably means that it has front and rear electric motors. Battery capacity and range are unknown.

Subaru proposes to combine multiple modules and components, such as the front, center and rear of the vehicle, to enable efficient deployment of different types of EVs.

This car has been designated as conforming to the “C” class, an industry classification for small but not so small models. The current Forester and Toyota RAV4 are also basically C rated.

“The two companies have combined their knowledge to create a completely new platform, but Subaru aims to achieve the excellent passive safety and vehicle stability that Subaru has always pursued on this BEV-only platform,” the brand said. Release states. ..

It says that collaboration goes beyond the platform. Product planning, design, and performance assessments are also coordinated. All of this forces the end result product to be as close as the 86 and BRZ sports cars.

Subaru said: “In this development, the two companies have combined the strengths of Subaru’s many years of all-wheel drive technology with Toyota’s outstanding vehicle charging technology to create a new SUV with attributes that only all-electric vehicles can offer. Provided. “

Solterra forces it to be an addition, not an alternative, citing joining all current models currently in production.

Elemental approach by Solterra — Motoringnz

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