Easy Crypto expands with new Chief of Staff

Janine Grainger, CEO of EasyCrypto, has invited a new staff chief to lead the management and operations of the company.

Thursday, November 25, 2021 11:11 AM

Matthew Martin

Anna WalmsleyFormer Staff Chief, Global Chief Marketing Officer, New York-based American Express has joined the company, bringing over a decade of world-class experience with credit card giants and marketing agencies across the UK. Australia with her, and America.

According to Grainger, Walmsley aims to make the time, information and decision-making process more effective company-wide.

Having worked in the traditional financial sector, the crypto industry has caught her attention for the destructive agility that cryptocurrencies provide to end users.

“I see cryptocurrencies as the future of finance,” says Walmsley.

“It offers unrivaled transparency, low cost, accessibility and ultimately a fairer financial system and services that everyone can participate in.”

Grainger states that their mission to provide accessible finance and their customer-first approach are key factors in getting Walmsley to join the Easy Crypto executive team.

“Easy Crypto also appealed to me about the” humanity “in the otherwise completely digital industry. We are goal-driven, our focus is on ensuring that our financial system is fair and that everyone has access to and succeed in the system and information, “Walmsley said.

Early October Easy Crypto raises $ 17 million in initial funding, and Grainger expands to more overseas markets, including Indonesia, the Philippines and other Asian regions, along with potential IPO offers for general investors Said it would be useful.

The funding was led by Auckland’s Nuance Connected Capital, along with investments from Icehouse Ventures, Pathfinder Asset Management, GDP Venture, Hutt Capital, Seven Peaks Ventures, Alvarium, and the new venture capital firm Even Capital.

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Easy Crypto expands with new Chief of Staff

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