E-Scooter usage surges as commuters return to the office

DotEurope’s leading micromobility company reports that demand surged across Europe as workers returned to their offices after the summer vacation.

After 18 months of uncertainty, offices are starting to reopen, so it seems that not everyone is choosing full public transport as their means of commuting.

In fact, with 40,000 electric scooters across the continent and each available vehicle operating up to seven times a day, Dot offers an eco-friendly option for traveling through the city centre.

Regular rider

According to statistics provided by Dott, riders increased by 46% across Europe in the first half of September.

Compared to the same period in 2020, data show that the number of riders has skyrocketed by 106%. The increasing use of shared micro-mobility vehicles to move to work indicates a change in behavior, as we appreciate the freedom, independence and efficiency that riders offer.

In July 2021, TfL launched an electric scooter on the streets of London, following the leadership of other major European cities such as Paris, Madrid and Brussels.

And this seems to have been a good move. More people are starting to return to work more regularly, and trends show that they are looking for an independent and sustainable way of traveling.

Henri Moissinac, CEO and co-founder of Dott, said: “We believe that our e-scooters help reduce pollution and congestion and make the cities we run more comfortable. As customs change from the pandemic, many people find themselves. We are paying more attention to the environmental impact of our choices. The growth we have seen when commuting habits return after vacation is the most efficient way for more people to move around the city in a sustainable way. It shows that you are choosing shared micromobility as your preferred method. “

Travel tracking

Dot mapping technology shows that the most popular time of travel is from 17:00 to 19:00 and there is another distinct peak between 07:00 and 09:00. This is because micromobility is a preferred travel option not only for leisure but also for commuters. user.

The average travel distance in a big city is over 3km4. This is because riders have more options to move around the city efficiently.

The heatmap below shows the most popular and recent routes in some of Europe’s city centres.





E-Scooter usage surges as commuters return to the office

Source link E-Scooter usage surges as commuters return to the office

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