E-Scooter Brand TIER is integrated with Google Maps in the UK

Today, micromobility leader TIER has partnered with Google Maps in the United Kingdom to allow people in London and York to access their e-scooters via popular navigation apps.

This integration allows riders to plan routes via Google Maps and easily find nearby TIER e-scooters. You can also clearly see the cost and time required to travel. Google Maps users will also be notified of the walking distance to the nearest scooter and the vehicle’s current battery level.

Europe’s largest electric scooter operator, TIER, was launched in London in June 2021 and currently has electric scooters in nine districts of the capital. The company is also celebrating its first anniversary of the electric scooter scheme in York, and there are currently 750 electric scooters and bicycles in operation in the city.

Today’s announcement means that the integration of TIER and Google Maps is available in 52 cities in Europe and is the latest in a series of innovative collaborations to enhance electric scooter services in the UK. This includes TIER’s partnership with the ride hailing app FREE NOW to prevent “drink riding” and the company’s pioneering safe price that ensures that the rider will not be charged when stationary while traveling. Contains the model.

Fred Jones, Vice President and Regional General Manager of TIER across Scandinavia, said:: “By working with one of the leading navigation apps, we’re extending access to TIER to more riders and offering better, more environmentally friendly options for navigating the city.

“TIER’s mission to get people out of their private cars and change mobility forever is better achieved through these collaborative partnerships. Integration with Google Maps allows people to take advantage of new eco-friendly transportation. Not only will you teeth More convenient and cost effective.

E-Scooter Brand TIER is integrated with Google Maps in the UK

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