Dusk Network that enables SecuirtyToken-based financing

Investor Ready clients use the Dusk Network to issue security tokens, raise funds and access a wider range of security token benefits. Perfect COVID-19 recovery for start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses.

Business accelerator Investor Ready and blockchain tech company Dusk Network are working together to combat the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, which affects small businesses, start-ups and scale-ups. By offering token-based and alternative financing options, capital attraction will be easier and faster for growing companies, or for urgent needs.

By 2020, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) accounted for 70% of Dutch employment opportunities and 60% of the country’s added value. SMEs are often recognized as the driving force of the national economy and play an important role in creating employment opportunities while supporting the local economy and communities.

But the elephant in the room is a funding gap of € 20-35 billion looming for SMEs in 2019. European Commission.. While large multinationals are backed by billions of euros, the global COVID pandemic exacerbates the difficulty for early-stage companies to access growth capital.

The partnership between Dusk Network and Investor Ready expands the alternative financing options available to Investor Ready customers. Next, Dusk Network sees an increase in transaction flow towards the Confidential Security Contract Standard (XSC).

XSC works for small businesses and individual investors

Token-based alternative lending is becoming more and more popular among companies seeking growth capital, for good reason. Dusk Network security tokens are created at a fraction of the cost of traditional financing and can grow as your enterprise grows. Most notably, it provides an opportunity for individual investors to participate. A welcome addition to the existing pool of Investor Ready’s more than 800 angel investors. Overview of the benefits of XSC-based security tokens:

  • Automate dividend payments and secure online voting
  • Ready to connect to the P2P market
  • Enables asset segmentation and accurate investment
  • Lower barriers to entry for individual investors
  • Compliance can be hard-coded
  • Expand along the company life cycle

“We are creating the latest funding options, which we aim to open up investment opportunities for a whole new category of investors,” explains Jelle Pol. “We want to allow our clients, superfans, and general investors to invest in potential unicorn companies of the future.”

Investor Ready, an SME accelerator, knows how important it is for early-stage companies to have access to a variety of funding opportunities that match their future plans. In recent years, Investor Ready has used a network of more than 800 angel investors to guide hundreds of small businesses towards growth capital. Examples are Iwell, Vive, Fan Factory and Channex. And now the company is preparing its clients for tokenization and preparing for the first tokenized transaction. Dusk Network is working on a mainnet rollout and the next big event is scheduled for April 9th.

“SME financing is about accuracy. For the right type of company, you need to choose the right type of funding. The first type of investment can have a long-term impact on your business. By working with the Dusk Network, we can expand our services and meet the growing demand for alternative financing opportunities such as token financing, ”said Pieter Vermeer, Managing Director of Investor Ready.

The contract with Investor Ready is from Dusk Network Shareholders Of the NPEX Stock Exchange. According to Jelle Pol, Business Director of Dusk Network, this is “a result of the successful partnership period, during which the two companies have developed pilot projects to drive innovation in financial products.”

Consider ABC, an early-stage company that is ready to go through the Investor Ready Accelerator and attract capital to grow its business.

  • ABC can be selected from a variety of routes to raise funds. ABC’s token-based financing is their business need, as traditional routes through banks can take too long and owners are willing to give up too much control to venture capital investors. We judge that it is the most suitable for. It is easy and quick and offers the opportunity for investors of all kinds to participate.
  • ABC uses Dusk Networks’ XSC standard to issue tokenized stocks (certificates), bonds, or the best combination for the owner’s preference. ABC can now raise funds from angel investors, families, clients, or other individual investors.
  • As a bonus, the XSC standard automates all corporate behavior towards ABC investors, including dividend payments and voting. This allows ABC to effectively manage shareholders as the number of shareholders begins to grow.
  • In addition, the digital nature of security tokens allows ABC to easily connect to peer-to-peer market infrastructure to enable shareholder liquidity, mitigate potential investor liquidity risk and make entry more attractive. Can be

For the average SME, these benefits continue to attract new shareholders from a variety of investors, customers and partners without the time and cost barriers of passing a notary’s certificate for every transaction or issuance. It means that you can. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on their business without spending a lot of time raising money.

Dusk Network that enables SecuirtyToken-based financing

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