Don’t food allergies ruin your picnic

Saturday, July 10 (HealthDay News)-Summer is the perfect time to dine outdoors. Food allergies Would you like to ruin the party?

For some people, the spread of their innocent-looking picnic can cause a variety of symptoms. Urticaria And abdominal pain to life-threatening difficulties Breathing.. However, working with an allergist can help you face potential emergencies.

“”Food allergies Seriously, with a little preparation, you can enjoy a summer party. Allergists can help identify the food that is causing the symptoms and make plans to avoid the problem, “said Dr. James Sablet in a news release at the American College of American College. Allergies, asthma And immunology.

Here are some of the association’s suggestions on how to avoid it Food allergies At a picnic or barbecue:

  • Please bring the seasonings in individual size packs. This helps prevent mutual contamination when people share large containers of seasonings such as mayonnaise and ketchup.
  • pack Allergies And non-allergic foods separately so that one does not contaminate the other.
  • use plastic A picnic tablecloth to prevent food particles left over from previous picnics from causing an allergic reaction to guests.
  • Carry a paramedic if necessary.
  • Bring separate spoons and other utensils for shared items to avoid mutual contamination.
  • Grilled food for guests Allergies First, cook the item in new aluminum foil. Also, Allergies Digging into food first before mutual contamination of items occurs.
  • Bring an antibacterial wipe and gel.
  • Check your mobile phone coverage. If your picnic or barbecue is away from home, make sure you can receive mobile phone signals in your area.Then someone Severe allergic reaction..

Also, if someone knows terrible Allergies Do not bring it to the given food. There are many other dishes.

-Randy Dotinga

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Source: American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, June 30, 2010, Press Release

Don’t food allergies ruin your picnic

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