Don’t eat some cake decorations

(HealthDay News)-Some ornaments sold for use in birthday cakes may not be what parents want, the US Food and Drug Administration said.

Authorities say some decorative shimmers and dust may contain ingredients that should not be eaten. It is sold as glossy dust, disco dust, glitter dust, sparkle dust highlighter, glitter powder, pearl dust, and petal dust.

Before deciding how to decorate the cake, the FDA offers the following suggestions.

  • Carefully check the decoration label. Edible glitter and dust are required by law to include a complete list of ingredients on the label.
  • Look for ingredients such as sugar, acacia, maltodextrin norn starch, and color additives specifically approved for food.
  • Most edible glitter and dust are labeled “edible” on the label. Do not use the product in food unless the label says “non-toxic” or “decorative only” and does not include a list of ingredients.

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Don’t eat some cake decorations

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