Does AI know you better than you know yourself?

AI reveals that two-thirds of the workforce underestimates true anxiety levels when completing an organizational survey.

Completion of employee survey

Unused AICompanies that combine transformative relationships with the devastating power of AI feedback are calling for the end of employee surveys. This is in light of data from the Untapped AI’s 10,000-user platform, revealing that two-thirds of the workforce underestimates anxiety levels when completing an organizational survey.

35% gap between self-reporting and AI insights

AI-powered insights also reveal a 35% difference between what employees self-report in organizational and pulse surveys and their true feelings. This includes their sensitivity to themes such as hybrid work, mental health, productivity, innovation and adaptability.

The research market is estimated to be worth about $ 4.87 billion and is expected to grow by more than 16% over the next five years. However, Untapped AI data show that 75% of change initiatives based on employee survey results do not work.

In addition to this, most people (95%) will say that they are self-aware. However, only 10-15% have the high level of self-awareness needed to reliably complete self-reported employee surveys, with 54% of women and 40% of men pleasing people. Engaged in action. While many organizational surveys are advertised as anonymous, employees do not trust the process and are concerned that negative answers will be reflected in performance evaluation and progress.

Accurate, raw, unfiltered data

Not tapped AI program Combine leadership psychology with AI technology to create a personalized coaching program that provides long-term insights and trends for businesses and employees. This technology provides businesses with accurate, raw, unfiltered grassroots data to help employers and individuals identify problems before they become apparent. In this way, organizational changes can be driven bottom-up.

Kendal Parmar, Co-Founder and CEO of Untapped AI, commented: But they simply can’t think of anything better. The survey encloses employees to answer multiple-choice questions, employees do not trust the process to be anonymous, and no negative answers are retained against them. It’s time to put an end to the investigation to give employers real-time, anonymous insights into how employees feel, rather than just a non-functional obsolete model. “

Pandemic changes

Undeveloped AI findings show that since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of referrals to PHQ-9 has increased to assess depression and depression based on a WHO-5 well-being score of 12 or less. It also revealed that the number has increased from 10. -30%.

Anxiety and depression increased significantly at the beginning of the pandemic, a trend that began in Asia and spread to the United Kingdom and the United States as blockages struck each region. Therefore, a February 2020 corporate survey does not reflect the feelings of employees in March 2020, when the UK blockade began, leaving employers with outdated insights.

Palmer goes on to say: “In some areas, individuals don’t feel they can recognize their true feelings to themselves, let alone their employers. To abolish surveys and allow employees to navigate change. It’s important to use useful programs and technologies. “

Does AI know you better than you know yourself?

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