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Wednesday, April 11, 2018 (HealthDay News)-Doctors don’t have to worry when playing Cataract surgery on Ebola Survivor Eye problems Very cause Infectious Virus, new research discovered.

Between 13% and 34% of Ebola Survivors develop eye inflammation (Uveitis) From mild illness Blindness..

Ebola can remain in the eye fluid even after it has been removed from the rest of the body and was thought to pose a risk to healthcare professionals in close contact with survivors.

However, in this study, researchers tested 50 Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone, Ebola virus With the liquid in their eyes.34 survivors had later Cataract Surgery that has improved eyesight.

“These findings are really exciting because they improve our ability to affect the vision care and quality of life of thousands of Ebola survivors at risk of eye disease,” said research author Stephen Ye. He said in a news release at Emory University. He is an associate professor of ophthalmology Uveitis Vitreous retinal surgery at the Emory’s Eye Center in Atlanta.

Researchers said they couldn’t determine if any of the survivors still had Ebola virus In their eye fluids at an early stage when they still had eye irritation.

Thousands of survivors of Ebola outbreaks in West Africa between 2013 and 2016 are at risk of vision complications, so there is an urgent need to meet ongoing medical and surgical needs. Eye care, The author of the study said.

This study was recently published in a journal EBioMedicine..

–Robert Preidt

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Source: Emory University, News Release, April 4, 2018

Document Safe Cataract Surgery for Ebola Survivors

Source link Document Safe Cataract Surgery for Ebola Survivors

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