Doctor’s advice can help you lose weight quickly

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Friday, April 3, 2015 (HealthDay News)- Overweight According to a new study, you may lose weight if directed by your doctor.

Researchers at the University of Georgia have investigated data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prevention It turns out that the doctor’s recommendation is related to £ 10 Weight loss Between a woman and £ 12 Weight loss Among men.

The survey results include Lose weight Researchers pointed out that even if they weren’t ready to hear the message.

Studies did not show that acquisition Weight loss Advice from your doctor will definitely lead to Weight lossHowever, the advice from the doctor is Weight loss..Naturally, with eating habits motion Played a role in Weight loss, The study was found.

Researchers also have doctor’s advice Lose weight Seems to have helped people prevent Weight gain..

“People often gain weight as they get older. Weight loss recommendations have been relaxed. Weight gain It’s not just about promoting weight loss. ” Research author Joshua Burning, an assistant professor of agriculture and applied economics at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, said in a university news release.

The study was published in the April issue of the journal Economics and human biology..

One of the reasons doctors’ recommendations can lead to greater weight loss is that doctors can assess multiple factors. diet, motion And medical history-determine if a patient is at risk obesity, According to Burning.

“When I talk to my doctor, he or she tells me about my current health and the trajectory of my health. Often we feel happy with our health. Excellent Doctors help us understand what kind of health trajectory we are following. How can we improve it? “

According to Burning, this personal information could be one of the reasons doctors have an advantage over commercial weight loss programs.

“Commercial weight loss programs can be exorbitantly expensive because they are for commercial purposes. Healthcare provider advice is more affordable and achievable for more people. Doctors can identify I will. obesity Resolve problems early and build long-term relationships with patients. “

The problem is that doctors often don’t take long to talk to patients about their weight, Burning concludes.

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Source: University of Georgia, News Release, March 31, 2015

Doctor’s advice can help you lose weight quickly

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