Do you love your colleague?It can boost your health

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 (HealthDay News)-Social connections with colleagues can have a significant impact on your health, researchers say.

“When our teams and organizations provide us with a sense of belonging and community, we are less likely to burn out and be happier-when it gives us a sense of’us’.” Principal Investigator Niclas Stephens said. University of Queensland, Australia.

Steffens and colleagues analyzed 58 studies of more than 19,000 employers in 15 countries. They found that how strongly people identify with colleagues and organizations is associated with improved health and a reduced risk of burnout.

The subjects of the survey were a wide range of occupations such as service, health, sales, and military.

The authors of the review said their findings show that social relationships in the workplace, especially the social groups that people form in the workplace, can play a major role in workplace health. .. However, this study does not establish a causal relationship, so don’t panic if you’re not in a social work environment.

The findings were recently published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review..

“These results show that both performance and health have improved to the point where the workplace provides people with a sense of’us’and’us’,” Steffens said in a news release in the journal. It is stated in. “Social identity contributes to both psychological and physiological health, but health benefits are more powerful for psychological health.”

NS mental health While benefits may come from the support provided by workgroups, the meaning and purpose that people get from membership in social groups has also been suggested by the study authors.

–Robert Preidt

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sauce: Personality and Social Psychology Review, News Release, October 3, 2016

Do you love your colleague?It can boost your health

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