Djokovic fans get angry at home – but Serbian politicians soften rhetoric | Novak Djokovic

Supporters of Serbian Novak Djokovic have responded violently to Australia’s decision to cancel the world’s No. 1 visa for the second time, but the government has not yet officially responded and was previously noisy. The politicians were silent.

Friday unvaccinated tennis star Asked the court After the Australian Immigration Minister revoked his visa, he quoted strict Covid-19 immigration restrictions to prevent his deportation before the Australian Open, saying it was in the public interest.

The player and his team who bid for the record 21st Grand Slam trophy are trying to overturn the decision in court, but Australian public law experts say the appeal can fail unless there is a procedural error. It states that it has a high sex.

The Belgrade-born player is a national hero who is close to a symbolic position at home, and his detention this week has elicited equally fierce reaction from the media and politicians.

Serbian President Alexander Vučić used social media to blame “Harassment” and “political witch hunting” targeting “the best tennis player in the world”, Foreign Ministry said He was “tempted by Australia to be humiliated.”

Novak Djokovic's visa canceled: how the controversy unfolded – video
Novak Djokovic’s visa canceled: how the controversy unfolded – video

However, governments that are diplomatically sensitive and do not want to be seen as promoting vaccine evasion in one of Europe’s least disturbing countries may be starting to move away from players. There are signs that.

Some Belgrade residents suggested that Djokovic would only blame himself on Friday. “Their country, their rules,” said one resident, Jobo Tadic. “If Australia tells you to get vaccinated, do it or face a problem.”

Another resident, Marco Stanick, said: If he wants to stay on top, he will have to do it. “

But others remained passionately behind their national idols. “I’m rebelling. I’m angry because I didn’t expect them to treat the best tennis players in the world this way,” said Mira Alexic. “He didn’t deserve this. He represents our country.”

Some have suggested that Djokovic has become a political pawn for the Australian general election in May. “Australian are dragging him like an old rag. They are ready to burn the best in the world thanks to politics,” said Alexander Petrovic.

Serbian Prime Minister Anna Brunavic: Djokovic said it seemed “clearly violating the rules.” Photo: Zorana Jevtic / Reuters

Former Djokovic coach Niki Pilić called the situation “shameful” and said the star was treated like a criminal. “People don’t understand what it means to be a world champion, what strength, will and morale they need,” he said.

Former politician Neboyshakovic, who owns the Red Star Belgrade Basketball Club, said the controversy made Djokovic a “symbol of the free world” and a “moral winner of the tournament.” He said the player was a “world star, a free male beacon.” “Basic human rights have been violated.”

Government officials SerbiaLess than 47% of the population is vaccinated, well below the European average, but it looked more cautious as questions about the player’s behavior arose after a positive Covid test.

Prime Minister, Anna Brunavic, Said this week Djokovic appeared to be “apparently in breach of the rules” after he admitted that he had made a “misjudgment” in an interview and photo shoot on December 18, 2021.

He also appeared at least twice in Belgrade the day before, despite a court document stating that he was “tested and diagnosed” with the virus on December 16, one of whom had a child. Djokovic said he had not been informed of the results until late the next day since then.

Brunavic said it wasn’t entirely clear when the player got the test results, but added that “if you know you’re positive, you should be isolated.” She said she strongly denied his position on vaccination.

Lawyers say that if Djokovic is found to have violated Serbian’s strict self-quarantine rules, he may face fines or more likely community services.

However, the pro-government Serbian media continued to firmly support the star. Tabloid informant He criticized the “scandalous, shameful and rude” behavior by Australian authorities, saying he had “deported a healthy Novak to save his life.”

The Every day Britz said TV Pink said Australia’s decision was “only to satisfy the Australian people, because Djokovic is called an anti-Baxer.”

Milivoje Pantovic is a producer of N1 television in Belgrade.

Djokovic fans get angry at home – but Serbian politicians soften rhetoric | Novak Djokovic

Source link Djokovic fans get angry at home – but Serbian politicians soften rhetoric | Novak Djokovic

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