DIY Kratom Capsules: Pros and Cons

In the United States, chronic pain is frequent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 50 million individuals have chronic pain, with 20 million of them dealing with high-impact chronic pain. Opioids are powerful pain relievers, but they are also very addictive. When a person quits using them, they may suffer from sleeplessness, tremors, stomach discomfort, and anxiety. What do you think DIY Kratom Capsules can help you with? Let’s find out DIY Kratom Capsules: Pros and Cons.

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These countless cases of chronic pain have contributed to the continuation of the opioid crisis in the United States. Despite significant year-to-year improvements, the number of opioid-related fatalities in the United States remains high. Individuals are resorting to alternate pain relievers due to the severe side effects of opioids. Many citizens of the United States are using premium kratom capsules for pain relief.

For decades, people in Thailand and Malaysia have used Kratom as a “tea” to cure a range of ailments or to boost outdoor labourers’ stamina. It’s impossible to say when Kratom initially emerged in the United States, but curiosity developed due to traditional tales that it was an opium replacement.

To manoeuvre the benefits of Kratom, let’s see how we can make the Kratom capsules ourselves without much hassle.

How to make Kratom capsules?

When people make their Kratom capsules, they typically do it in one of two methods. The first method is to buy empty capsules and hand fill them. To use this approach, open the capsules, scoop in a tiny quantity of Kratom, and then replace the cap. It would be great if you used a small little scoop or a piece of paper for this. However, be aware that it might be time-consuming. Also, because the Capsule is so tiny, you may end up wasting a lot of the substance throughout the procedure.

The second approach that a DIYer uses includes a specialized capsule filling tray. These trays are typically made up of 30-200 tiny holes that fit neatly into a capsule. Some folks prefer this approach since it wastes less product and is a little faster.

What are the components that you require to make a Kratom capsule?

The following are the equipment you’ll need to make your kratom capsules:

  • Mitragyna strain of superior grade.
  • Capsule filling tray.
  • Korth capsules that have been emptied.

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What is a Capsule filling tray?

The kratom capsule filling tray is a plastic box that has holes. Capsules are inserted into these openings. The strain powder is then added, and the capsules are sealed. There are several types of capsule machines that are available in the market.

Filling the Capsule Using the Capsule filling tray

  • To avoid spreading dirt onto the capsules, wear gloves, preferably nitrile gloves.
  • To avoid breathing the powder, wear a surgical mask. This will also help in keeping the machine clean during the operation.
  • Work on a squeaky-clean surface. The surface must be large enough to prevent spilt powder.
  • To begin, separate 100 capsules and place the caps and bodies in two individual bowls.
  • Using the alignment plate, load the capsule bodies.
  • Once you’ve put the order into the Capsule, double-check that everything is placed correctly.
  • Install the spill guard and begin preparing the powder.
  • Firmly squeeze on the cap plates to verify that it is connected to the capsules evenly.
  • The completed capsules will be placed on the plate.
  • Several capsules should be pressed to verify if they are correctly put on the plate.
  • Put all of the finished capsules in a clean and dry Vitamin bottle or any secure container.
  • Clean the machine with warm soapy water and a sponge.
  • Please avoid scratching the plastic during washing.
  • Finally, let everything air dry before placing the machine in a big Ziploc bag.

Note: The powder’s weight should range from 0.6 g/mL to 1.2 g/mL.

What are the best capsules to buy?

There are typically two kinds of capsule shells available for purchase. You can buy them either from the local market or from the internet. But, keep in mind that Gelatine and veggie capsules are used in this product. The gelatin version has animal protein, while the veggie version contains plant protein.

Which pros and cons to consider in DIY Kratom capsules?

We sometimes go by the brand or word-of-mouth when buying a product, but capsules aren’t an electronic device, and hence these two parameters should be avoided in general. The human body varies from person to person, even in the same family. Here are some dos and don’ts to think about based on your specific needs.

  • Many South-East Asian indigenous groups have used the Korth plant species for millennia. They’ve used it as a medication and even as tea. They thought that the plant improved attention, increased production, and alleviated discomfort.
  • Mitragyna can still be found as dried leaves. Crushed and blended dried leaves are also an option. Extracts are popular because they increase potency. Mitragyna capsules are also consumed.
  • Purchasing professionally made capsules is safer and more consistent. The goods are examined, and quality checks are performed to ensure that you receive the best capsules. This also means you’ll have to fill capsules or come up with another solution manually.
  • Maintaining consistency with DIY capsules might be tricky. While it may appear that filling capsules and consuming them is straightforward, in the business, capsules must fulfil specific weight and potency requirements. And without consistency, it is challenging to produce a needed quantity.
  • To enhance the weight of the capsules, manufacturers may add cellulose. Styloid is occasionally added to assist the powder sprint through the machine.
  • To give adequate weight and power to light powders, several substances are employed. Simply filling DIY capsules till they are full might result in inconsistencies. It can also produce a more deadly form of the plant, making it unsafe to consume.


While DIY could be enjoyable when producing some material, it can also be time-consuming and dangerous if you select the incorrect items to DIY. When taking Kratom, getting your capsules from a reputable supplier is essential to ensure high-quality, lab-tested goods. Examine the items of a reputed vendor because they are of the finest available quality. 

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