Did the weekend have surgery on his face and why did he wear a bandage?

The singer confused fans with his surgically enhanced look (Photo: Official Music Video)

The weekend has confused fans quite a bit after first bandaging around the head at the American Music Awards and then appearing in a new music video with a surgically enhanced face.

The 30-year-old artist recently deleted a video of his track Save Your Tears, but his fans were a little distracted because he looked so different.

Questions were raised about whether Weekend had surgery on his face, with big lips, plump cheeks, and taut skin.

In short, no. No, he doesn’t. As for his latest musical material, it’s all part of the show.

Did the weekend have surgery on his face?

No. Weekend had no facial surgery and instead used a prosthesis to change the look of the Save Your Tears video.

Weekend with a surgically enhanced face in the Save Your Tears music video

Ominous look is an artistic expression of his latest album (Photo: Official Music Video)

Some fans questioned his new look on Twitter, while others pointed out that his modified look in the video was actually a fake.

It’s all part of the running theme of his latest album, After Hours, which incorporates a psychedelic feel and is inspired by movies such as the Casino and Joaquin Phoenix movie Joker.

Fans will find that Weekend wears the same stage make-up and red and black suits for all stage performances and music videos associated with his acclaimed album released last March.

Why did Weekend bandage his face?

At the American Music Awards in November, he saw the weekend with the same bloody and hurt face he saw on MTV VMA a few months ago, but only this time his head was completely bandaged. It was wrapped.

Weekend wears bandages around the face at the American Music Awards

Weekend bandaged American Music Awards (Photo: Getty)

Again, it’s all part of the same artistic expression around After Hours and seems to have been carefully planned. The Weeknd unveiled an eerie new look when Save Your Tears dropped two months later.

His ominous face appeared to have been kicked off by the album’s lead single Blinding Lights. There, The Weeknd was first seen in a music video with a bloody, wounded face when he was drunk and beaten by a bouncer.

Weekend also released a short film along with his album, where he wore a fake injury of the same makeup on his face.

Bandages were just another reference to his latest musical material.

Weekend with a hurt face on MTV VMA

Weekend had a bloody face hurt by MTV VMA (Photo: Getty)

What’s the meaning behind the wounded bloody face of the weekend?

Weekend was the first to raise concerns among fans when they saw their make-up hurt during the after-hours release at Saturday Night Live in March.

And since The Weeknd has been making the same stage for almost a year, he’s devoted.

Touching on an unusual aesthetic, the star opened up about the meaning behind his hit track Blinding Lights and the dark tones it has in an interview with Esquire.

‘Blinding Lights [is about] How do you want to meet someone at night, and you’re drunk, you’re driving towards this person, and you’re just blinded by the streetlights, “explained Weekend.

“You’re so lonely that you can’t stop trying to meet that person. I don’t want to promote drunk driving, but it’s a dark shade.”

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Did the weekend have surgery on his face and why did he wear a bandage?

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