Depression can accelerate death from cancer

Monday, September 14 (HealthDay News)-According to a survey analysis depression Can rob people with cancer In years of life, he has questioned the need to screen patients for psychological problems.

Gillian Satin, a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, said, “Patients who report symptoms of depression more than others, or who have been diagnosed with depressive disorder, compare to those who do not. , I found that the risk of death was high. “Of the study published online on September 14 in the journal cancer..

How Satin and colleagues reviewed the study depression Affects your health cancer Patience. They found 26 studies of more than 9,400 patients who met the criteria.

Overall, mortality was as high as 25% in patients who felt depression 39% higher in patients who received diagnose of depression..

Researchers have found inequality even after considering other possible factors that may influence their findings. But they confirmed the result and depression Affects certain types of mortality cancer Than others.

-Randy Dotinga

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Source: Wiley-Blackwell, News Release, September 14, 2009

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Depression can accelerate death from cancer

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