Democrats and Republicans Agree to Capitol Attack Committee | US Capitol Violations

With the House Democratic Party Republican Parliamentarians said on Friday that they had agreed to establish a bipartisan committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

But the proposed conditions Fee It fell short of Republican demands and questioned whether the GOP would vote for its creation.

Benny Thompson of Mississippi, Democratic Chairman of the House of Representatives Land Security Commission, and John Katko of New York, Republican of the Panel, said the new organization will be modeled on the 9/11 Commission.

The panel, officially known as the National Committee on Terrorist Attacks on the United States, was prepared in late 2002 and published its report in 2004.

Authorities are still examining videos and photos since January 6th.

Donald Trump lied that his election defeat was the result of popular voter fraud and “fighted like hell,” and hundreds of supporters of the then president broke into the Capitol. .. Some have sought to capture and kill lawmakers, including Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence. 5 people died..

More than 440 people arrested He was charged with crimes such as the use of deadly or dangerous weapons and assault on police officers in connection with the attack. The prosecution says it expects about 100 more claims.

Really Christopher Warnagiris, A US Marine Corps officer was arrested on Thursday.he Is the first active soldier You will be charged. At least 52 Military personnel, law enforcement agencies or civil servants have been arrested.

A vote on the National Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, the law required to create the January 6 panel, could take place as early as next week. there is.

Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy did not immediately support the deal, as announced.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Suggestion February fee, but process stall In disagreement.

The Democratic Party wanted the Commission to focus on the January 6 attack. Republicans wanted to include violence from left-wing groups in protests against police atrocities last summer.

There was also disagreement over the composition of the committee and the authority of the subpoena.

Thompson I was asked to negotiate directly Katoko, one of the 10 Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted for Trump’s impeachment in the January 6 incident, and for inciting a riot. Trump was not convicted. Only seven Republican senators voted for his guilty, less than the required majority.

If the panel is voted to exist, it will only investigate the January 6th event.

Contains 10 members. The five, including the chair, will be elected by Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the Senate. The five, including the Vice-Chairman, will be appointed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The Commission has the authority to issue subpoenas, but its actions require an agreement or majority vote between the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Members have “significant expertise in the areas of law enforcement, civil rights, civil freedom, privacy, intelligence and cybersecurity.” No current civil servant is appointed.

A final report on the January 6th event will be needed, outlining the facts and causes, and providing recommendations to prevent future attacks.

Thompson said: “The January 6 attack is complex, nationally important, and there is growing consensus that it is an independent committee to investigate.

“After months of intensive discussion, ranking members Katoko and I are pleased to reach a bipartisan agreement.”

“The truth of what happened on January 6 in an independent bipartisan 9/11 type committee to investigate and report on the facts, causes and safety associated with terrorist mob attacks,” Pelosi said. It is essential to explore. “

Democrats and Republicans Agree to Capitol Attack Committee | US Capitol Violations

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