Death during sex is very rare among people under the age of 50

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Thursday, January 13, 2022 (HealthDay News)

It’s a familiar metaphor for television and movies-couples engage in passionate sex when they’re men heart Suddenly give up.

“Usually it’s a middle-aged man. Usually he’s having an affair with someone else. It’s funny, this myth that this can happen is in our hearts,” said cardiologist Martha. Dr. Gratty said. heart attack.. “

But enthusiasm isn’t that hard, said Gulati, a former editor-in-chief of, the American College of Cardiology’s patient education website.

A pile of medical evidence, including new research from the UK, has established it while sex may make you feel like you. heart Stopped, it’s just a passion, not a life-threatening situation.

Only 0.2% of almost 6,900 Sudden cardiac death Cases autopsied in a London hospital for a quarter of a century were associated with sexual intercourse, researchers report January 13 in the journal. JAMA Cardiology..

“There is no dramatic connection with intimate relationships Sudden cardiac death“Dr. Michael Kurtz, a professor, commented. Emergency medical care Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “It’s not as dangerous as other active activities.”

British studies Sudden cardiac death He was autopsied at St. George’s University Hospital in London between January 1994 and August 2020. scratch A total of 6,847 people have died.

Researchers led by Dr. Mary Shepard at the hospital searched for cases that died during or within an hour of sexual activity and found only 17 cases.

The victims were relatively young, only 38 years old, and 35% were female. This is a discovery that Gulati called “interesting”.

“Usually, sudden cardiac death during sex is always said to be masculine,” Gulati said.

Almost half of the cases included some Fundamental heart problem, Discovered by researchers in London.The other half Sudden arrhythmia death syndrome -When someone dies Cardiac arrest There is no obvious cause.

Not surprisingly, very few people die heart failure During sex, Gratty said.

“There’s a lot more energy we do than sexual intercourse. In terms of worry, people have to worry when they go up the stairs, not sexual intercourse,” Gulati said. Told. “To get more energy than during sex, you have to do something pretty acrobatic.”

However, Gulati and Kurz said the study only focused on cardiac deaths that occurred during sex. Some people have stopped their hearts during or after sex, but have lived to talk.

Therefore, you need to know CPR and how to use it. Automatic defibrillator (AED) Whether your partner is jogging, riding a spin bike, or having a noisy sexual intercourse, US experts say.

“No matter what activity you are engaged in, that is why it is important for us all to know how to do it. CPR, How to recognize Cardiac arrest, And how to use the AED if available, “Kurz said. “Sudden cardiac death is a time-dependent illness. If it is recognized rapidly, it is actually a viable condition.”

So that’s yet another part of Hollywood heart attack Myth-The idea that the person who keelovers during sex is Gonor.

“Fear shouldn’t overtake you. CPR should overtake you,” Gulati said. “People with them want to start CPR because that’s the way we can save lives.”

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The British Heart Foundation Sudden arrhythmia death syndrome..

Source: Martha Gulati, MD, Former Editor-in-Chief, American College of Cardiology Patient Education Website, CardioSmart; Michael Kurz, MD, Professor, Emergency medical care University of Alabama at Birmingham. JAMA Cardiology, January 13, 2022

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Death during sex is very rare among people under the age of 50

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