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Do you drive a powerful old school sports car with all sorts of anti-villain devices up to a pair of rotating barrel machine guns mounted on your nose?

Obviously, it’s a child’s play.

Actually it is.

It turns out that Jaguar Land Rover is more than leveraging the latest James Bond moves.

Little Car Company, Aston Martin, and movie maker EON Productions announce the release of the 007 / No Time to Die special edition Aston Martin DB5 Junior, a two-thirds scale version of the car the protagonist drives in the movie. bottom. It features a number of gadgets, including two simulated Gatling guns behind the headlights, a skid mode, a digital license plate, and a smoke screen emitted from the tailpipe.

There are also some secret “Easter eggs” hidden in the car for the lucky owner to find.

Weekers may be great for kids to drive, but there’s good reason to be advertised as an adult-only collector’s item. It’s impressively detailed.

The original Aston Martin DB5 was 3D scanned for reference, resulting in a correct overall look for the car, as well as silver birch paint, Smith’s instruments, individually numbered chassis plates, and Aston Martin. Highly finished with the badge.

Of course, some elements of the car have been duplicated, but others have been rethought for the modern era. The fuel gauge has been converted to a battery meter, and the oil temperature now monitors the motor temperature.

DB5 Junior Spy Kids Dream Drive — Motoringnz

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