Dating as a Single Mom: Tips That Make It Easier

Not all love stories end in the classic happy ever after. Some might seem to have ended poorly, but if you’ve gotten a child out of it, you’ve won. Dating is still a possibility for a single mother with a child, so is marriage and that happily ever after; it’s just timed differently than initially expected.

But dating as a single mom isn’t as easy as it should be, well, not offline anyway. This is where online dating comes into the picture. Online dating websites, especially those which are targeted specifically at single mothers, will help you find hookups, casual dates, serious commitments, and even someone who will marry you and become your child’s new father.

But let’s find out how you can simplify the process and make dating as straightforward, quick, and effective as possible.

How to Get Back Into the Dating Game When You’re Single With a Child

The first you must realize is why you wish to get back out there. A good thing to do here is to get online for a specific service. Some niche dating sites will help you to filter out the services by population, and here Momsgetnaughty is what one definitely needs if he’s looking to date a mother or if she’s a mother looking to go a new road. Singles there are looking for hookups and casual relationships, so the main thing is to decide what you want exactly? In any case, online dating is a good solution for any way of your relations development.

There’s no guarantee that something light and breezy won’t turn into something serious, in fact, the best relationships sometimes start this way, but you should know what you want.

You should also understand what your boundaries are. If you’re going to bring your child into the relationship or hold off until you show him any potential boyfriends.

But no matter what you crave, the process is the same. You find the website, create an account, set up a profile, and use the available filters to find potential matches. Once you’ve gotten your matches, you can chat with them and see where the conversation takes you.

If you hit it off with someone, you can go on a date in real life, and from there on, it’s up to you to see if they truly are your perfect match.

Dating Tips to Balance Your Love Life

There are several things you need to take into consideration when you decide to try online dating. While many of them apply to all people, some are specifically targeted at single moms. Never forget that the decisions you take will surely affect your child as well. Make the experience positive for both of you.

Here are the main dating tips to consider:


It’s not easy. Dating as a single mom can be a bit challenging, but it’s not impossible, and if it works out, you will surely reap the benefits. You have to be careful and patient, and love (or just sex, depending on what you’re looking for) will surely come your way. Online dating is the best option for single moms, and it gives you much better odds than traditional, offline dating.

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