Dating app for like-minded individuals

New charity Dating app It allows you to meet like-minded people in your local area.

Meet like-minded individuals is an app that brings together like-minded people to meet in town and share what they love most. All exchange meetings Local charity And its cause. A valuable concept to see the involvement of veteran entrepreneurs, social activists, angels and impact investors like Natalia Vodianova: Her investment portfolio has more than 20 tech companies, and along with she Continuing to pour energy and vision into truly capable businesses Bringing positive change to society and improving people’s lives.

With the increasingly encouraging online connectivity of the digital world, people end up with unnecessary chat and overloading of online buzz, and certainly can’t build solid and deep friendships. While the endlessly evolving platform for digital encounters continues to reshape the way they connect, has identified very specific challenges. It’s about connecting personalities, not random strangers. This app helps people find and meet the people they click most on, making it easy to build a network of real friends. app

The app is currently available on IOS and is only active in London and the UK. You can choose who you really want to meet in town by participating in activities that you suggest to do together. From hugging trees in a local park to volunteering with a local charity, hiking, playing tennis, or having a drink on the rooftop. The different unique personalities that are already participating in lead to different activities, sharing what Londoners like most, dragging them into unexpected things like polo lessons, forest baths and more. It’s easier to get caught. , Poetry writing, gardening walks, filmmaking secrets and more.

To make a meeting a reality, people need to promise an offer to go to a local charity and make every meeting even more purposeful.

At, by participating in exclusive activities proposed by influencers and celebrities, such as Camilla Fade, which hosted a didactic experience with Kent’s biodynamic farming organic ingredients at Knotting’s Pharmacy Restaurant. , People can also meet top personalities. hill. Goodwill ambassador Natalia Vodianova, a supermodel of UNFPA, the UN’s sexual and reproductive health agency, told local users who may be on her side while giving a speech on gender equality. Held one of the talks.

Dating app for like-minded individuals

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