Daily routines help improve sleep in the elderly

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Study: Maintaining a daily routine improves sleep quality

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April 1, 2010-Maintaining a regular routine is reduced insomnia Improve sleep New research suggests the quality of older people living in retirement communities.

Researchers at the University of Haifa, Israel, Ana Zisberg, PhD, and RN, say that improvements were seen by performing basic activities such as eating, changing clothes, and bathing at the same time every day. sleep quality.

Regular infrequent activities, such as shopping and seeing a doctor, did not significantly improve sleep quality.

So to get Better sleep, She suggests that it is important to maintain a daily routine.

“Theoretically, sleep patterns are related to other activities of daily living and are potentially synchronized, so we predicted a relationship between activities of daily living and sleep quality,” Zisberg said. Said in the news release. “But given the widely accepted view that light is the primary synchronizer of the human sleep and wake cycle, we were surprised that our findings were very robust.”

Routine helps sleep quality

A survey conducted between August 2007 and September 2008 involved 96 Russian-speaking seniors living in two retiree communities.

Ages ranged from 58 to 89, 72% were women and 82% lived alone. 75% reported good or good health, and some participants were using sleeping pills.

What the participants did each day was determined by three interviews by trained interviewers every two weeks. Eighty-nine of the 96 participants completed the interview and were included in the final analysis.

Researchers have found that people who follow the routine:

  • I have less time to fall asleep
  • Sleep efficiency was high (time in bed when you are sleeping)
  • The quality of sleep was good

Researchers say changes in the body’s body clock are a natural part aging It may be the cause of poor sleep quality in the elderly, but it can be counteracted by developing daily activities.

The findings are published in the April issue of the journal.

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Source: Zisberg, A. sleep, April 2010; Volume 33: pp. 509-514.

News release, American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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Daily routines help improve sleep in the elderly

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