Cycling NZ boss resigns following “infringement of integrity” at the Tokyo Olympics

Cycling New Zealand’s high-performance director resigned after the “infringement of integrity” at the Tokyo Olympics was revealed.

Cycling for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics An independent study on the handling of New Zealand athlete selection has revealed violations of the Olympic and international cycling regulations.

Following the concerns raised by Cycling NZ to NZOC in September 2021, barrister and experienced sports director Don McKinnon was appointed to investigate and report potential violations of integrity.

The investigation revealed that the process of changing athletes during the cycling event in Tokyo 2020 was not carried out in accordance with IOC and UCI rules.

Thus, it was also a violation of both the NZOC Agreement and the IOC’s Code of Conduct and participation in the Olympic Games.

Cycling New Zealand CEO Jack Laundry said in a statement that the findings led to the immediate resignation of high-performance director Martin Barras.

“Cycling New Zealand took swift action after violating the code of conduct at the Tokyo Olympics,” Laundry said.

“After the game team returned, I noticed an integrity breach that could have occurred in one of the cycling events.

“I immediately conducted a preliminary survey and, as a result, warned the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC), which has jurisdiction over the New Zealand team for the Olympic Games. After that, they conducted an independent survey, New Zealand Code and Cycling. I found both New Zealand codes, which violated the Code of Conduct. “

“As a result, I started talking with High Performance Director Martin Barras.”

Laundry said Barras wasn’t directly involved in the case, but as director he was ultimately responsible for commanding the New Zealand cycling team at the Olympics.

“Therefore, he offered to resign. I accepted it.”

Laundry said his organization is supporting the athletes involved as the incident has been publicized.

“In honor of the participants who participated in the investigation under confidentiality conditions, no one in Cycling New Zealand can comment further on this issue.”

Cycling NZ boss resigns following “infringement of integrity” at the Tokyo Olympics

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