CT scan of ER children using abdominal pain sky rocket

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Monday, October 8 (HealthDay News)-Use CT scan About children taken to the emergency room stomach ache Soaring, new research revealed.

“CT scan between children coming to the ER stomach ache It’s off the chart. ” Emergency medical care At Alameda County Medical Center Highland Hospital in Oakland, California. “In 1998, we found that less than 1 percent of these children had CT scans, probably as a result of fewer CT scans available to doctors, but now after 10 years, it’s up to 15 percent. Now, “he explained.

“That said, there was no change in the number of children coming to the ER, or the percentage of children coming with them. stomach acheOr the number of children in the hospital, “said Fahimi. X-ray Or the ultrasound being performed. So this raises the question of why this is happening. “

Given the growing concern in the medical community about how this type of exposure occurs, this finding could sound a public health alarm. radiation May be emitted by such a scan cancer Risks among these young patients.

Fahimi, an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, reports the findings online in print on October 8th and November. Pediatrics..

To take a snapshot of the current pediatrics CT scan The team calculated figures collected by the annual National Hospital Outpatient Medical Survey from 1998 to 2008. This survey depicts a national representative portrait of all visits to most emergency departments across the country.

The author specifically focused on children under the age of 19 who appeared in the emergency department. stomach acheIncludes symptoms such as seizures, seizures, and general discomfort.

Results: Of the approximately 92,000 pediatric emergency department visits during the study period, 6% were found to be involved in the abdomen. pain, And most of these patients are adolescent women, teens..

Despite the fact that the number of pediatric emergency department visits in the abdomen is nearly stable throughout the study period, the team has among all the diagnostic tools available in the hospital. CT scan Usage has increased dramatically.

“Currently, there are many possible reasons why this is true, but this study is not designed to tell you why,” Fahimi admitted. “I can only assume, but I can’t believe it offers much better care today than it did ten years ago. It’s possible that new technologies have been introduced into medical care and made widely available. There is sex. Of course, people think we need to evaluate these kids thoroughly, and CT scans can do that, but it’s now against the use of this technology. May mean that there is almost a terrible reaction, “he said. Added.

“For whatever reason, I’m not saying that CT scans are bad tests or that parents should be afraid,” Fahimi emphasized. “In fact, these are very powerful tests and provide a lot of clarity. At the same time, we know that there may be long-term risks with regard to radiation. We still don’t know what the risk really is, but it’s possible. “

“Therefore, I think doctors really need to ask if a CT scan is really needed for every case that occurs,” says Fahimi. “And parents need to participate in the discussion.”

Dr. Malta Hernans Schulman, chair of the American College of Radiology Pediatric Imaging Committee and professor of radiology and pediatrics at Vanderbilt University’s Monroe Karel Junior Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, said: increase. The paper is a warning to prevent us from looking at our practice and doing unshown CT scans. Hernanz-Schulman was not involved in the study.

“Parents should never be shy and should always feel comfortable asking questions on behalf of their children in the ER,” Hernanz-Schulman said. “And that procedure always needs legitimacy. It is, and there is no other procedure that provides similar information without resorting to CT scans,” she added.

“On the other hand, if you need CT, you really need it,” she said. “Because the alternatives can be much worse. For example, let’s assume that all potential risks are real and there is one development potential in the” x “. cancer From head CT. In that case, if there is no problem with the CT scan, it may not have been necessary to take a picture.On the other hand, if you have clot Possibility of you dying just outside the brain please do not I know it’s about 100 percent, “she explained.

“Therefore, if you need a CT scan, you need it,” Hernanz-Schulman added. “And people shouldn’t be too afraid of potential risks, risks that this study hasn’t proved in any way.”

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Source: Jahan Fahimi, MD, MPH, Physician, School of Emergency Medicine, Alameda County Medical Center Highland Hospital, Oakland, UC San Francisco Assistant Professor. Dr. Hernants Schulman, MD, Chairman of the American Society of Radiology Pediatric Imaging Committee, and Professor of Monroe Karel Jr. Children’s Hospital, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. November 2012, Pediatrics

CT scan of ER children using abdominal pain sky rocket

Source link CT scan of ER children using abdominal pain sky rocket

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