Crawford & Company Announces Part-Time Board Chairman

Jarrard was first elected to the Crawford Board of Directors in August 2018. She is a former senior partner at McKinsey & Company and has held multiple senior leadership roles during her 25-year career. Her recent role at McKinsey & Company was Global Chief Human Resources Officer and Talent Officer from 2007 to January 2016 when she retired.

In addition to her new role at Crawford & Company, Jarrard is CEO of BioCircuit Technologies and a board member of Lazard and Inspire Brands. She was previously a councilor of Atlanta Children’s Healthcare (2012-2019) and Georgia Tech Foundation Board (2014-2019).

Jarrard holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

“I’m pleased that Michelle has been appointed as the new chairman of the board. Since she joined the company two years ago, her unique perspective has added depth and strength to the entire board,” said Crawford & Company. Said Rohit Verma, CEO of. “Her expertise has been in the process of overcoming the extraordinary challenges posed by the pandemic and striving to achieve our envisioned future and goals of restoring and strengthening our lives, businesses and communities. Will continue to be extremely important. “

Vama is proud that Crawford’s board is “one of the most diverse” in the billing management department, believing that diversity “promotes innovation, collaboration and creativity.” I added that there is.

“Michelle’s intelligence, energy and determination are the assets of our board and, as chair, she will help our company and shareholders. She was the first woman to chair Crawford’s board. The fact that it is, following the proud legacy of Virginia Crawford, the company’s first female director, adds to our pride and excitement, “said Charles H. Ogburn, current non-executive chairman of Crawford & Company. Commented.

“I am honored to be elected Chairman of Crawford’s Board of Directors. I am grateful for the vote of trust across the Board,” said Michelle Jarrard, who said her appointment coincided with Crawford’s 80th anniversary. I added.

Crawford & Company Announces Part-Time Board Chairman

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