Covid Australia: Scott Morrison demands China to be investigated in Covid-19

Scott Morrison doubles the demand for an investigation into the origin of Covid-19 as Australia risks further backlash from China after months of economic sanctions.

  • Australia immunizes 70% of the adult population with Covid-19
  • Scott Morrison promoted “accelerated efforts” to identify the origin of the virus
  • China is already angry with the statement and is fighting back with sanctions

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Nevertheless, the demand for independent reviews of the origin of Covid-19 has doubled. China It has caused Australia financial pain for months.

Over 70% of Australia’s adult population receives a single dose. coronavirus More than half of the vaccines were given twice, but Morrison said United Nations General Assembly with a pre-recorded speech on Friday.

But he said preventing future pandemics remained a priority and promoted “accelerated efforts” to identify how Covid-19 first appeared.

“Australia has called for an independent review and believes that the cause of this pandemic is not a political issue, but merely essential to prevent the next pandemic,” Morrison said.

“We need to know that we can prevent this death and this calamity from returning to the world.

“That can be our only motivation.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison meets with US Vice President Kamala Harris and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in Washington, DC

Although seemingly a reaction to the first call for an independent review in April 2020, China has taken steps to target Australia’s agriculture and resources sector and impact export products such as wine, seafood, barley and coal. That’s what finance officer Josh Frydenberg said earlier this month.

According to Frydenberg, these trade actions reduced total exports to China by about $ 5.4 billion in the year to the June quarter, but most of these products have been successfully redirected elsewhere. rice field.

The Prime Minister also said Australia supported the demands of a stronger and more independent World Health Organization with enhanced surveillance and pandemic responsiveness.

And he upheld the recent decision to develop a nuclear submarine as part of a new security agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom that has led to a backlash from France and China.

The deal will result in Australia breaking the $ 90 billion contract between France and diesel submarines and instead sharing sensitive technologies that will allow the United States and the United Kingdom to develop Australia’s first nuclear submarine.

The Chinese government said “very irresponsible” transactions would seriously undermine the peace and stability of the region, but the nationalist Global Times tabloid warned Australia not to take provocative action. ..

France, meanwhile, recalled ambassadors to the United States and Australia for talks stemming from the “extraordinary seriousness” of Canberra’s surprising decision.

Morrison wants to further investigate the origin of Covid-19 and China's role in the pandemic.

Morrison wants to further investigate the origin of Covid-19 and China’s role in the pandemic.

But Morrison said AUKUS was designed for “further objectives of peace, stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region.”

“It is imperative that countries pursue these benefits in a way that respects each other and supports stability and security,” he said.

“We want to maintain an open, rules-based international system that supports peace, prosperity, human dignity, and the aspirations of all sovereign states.”

“A world order in which sovereign states can be freed from coercion and prosper because of cooperative and intentional action.”

Morrison also declared that Australia has a “firm track record” of fulfilling its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia says rooftop solar has the highest penetration rate in the world and is “on track” in Paris’ 2030 effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28% from 2005 levels. rice field.


Covid Australia: Scott Morrison demands China to be investigated in Covid-19

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