Covid-19: Premier says 55 kiwis have traveled to Victoria

The Victorian premiere says 55 New Zealanders entered Victoria, as previously reported-not 17 people.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews
Photo: AFP

Andrews said at a news conference today that Victorian officials were warned of an increase in the number of violations by the Australian federal government.

Initially 17 violations were reported, but now it is clear that 55 kiwis have traveled to the state.

Andrews said 23 travelers were tracked at 16 addresses.

“Therefore, this is clearly a” gold standard, “according to the federal government. “Gold standard” is a fairly used term, “he said.

Deputy Federal Immigration Minister Alan Tudge had previously accused the state government of not restricting interstate travel. This allowed New Zealanders to break the established travel bubble.

According to Andrews, Victoria didn’t want to be a travel bubble with New Zealand.

“So the very fact that the Prime Minister did what he wanted us to do and kept the border open was asked if he wanted to be a bubble in New Zealand, so we say no. If the federal government did what it criticized twice every day and for months on Sunday, we would actually be better, “he said.

“Of course, there are times when we do, and hopefully we get a mutual agreement and Australians can go to New Zealand, but I stay in Victoria rather than all Victorians go to New Zealand. And admire spending a fortune in Victoria. “”

Andrews said yesterday that authorities were “totally powerless” to detain travelers from New Zealand.

“Our cops, especially from the very low virus areas of the world, have no power to stop or detain anyone in such situations,” he said.

Covid-19: Premier says 55 kiwis have traveled to Victoria

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