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Covid 19 Coronavirus Transtusman Bubble: Polls Show Kiwi Aims to Travel to Australia

The South Island responds to the announcement of the Australian Prime Minister’s “travel bubble.” Video / George Heard

New Zealanders can’t wait for the revival of a trans-Tasman trip without quarantine.

More than half of the people surveyed in the New Zealand Herald Canter poll were considering booking a flight to Australia next year.

The Transtusman bubble begins on Monday. This means New Zealanders can go to Australia and return without having to go into quarantine. However, if Covid-19 occurs, it may be quarantined.

In a New Zealand Herald Canter poll, 31% said they would consider going within the next six months, and about half wanted to go within the next three months.

Auckland citizens especially wanted to go. After a series of blockades in the city, nearly two-thirds of Auckland citizens surveyed want to go to Australia next year, compared to 56% of Wellingtons and 46% of the rest of the North Island. did.

Overall, 54% were enthusiastic about going over next year. Only 24% said they had no intention of visiting Australia. This is a high number for low-income earners under $ 50,000.

Air New Zealand reports that 5,200 passengers are expected to travel on the first day of the bubble. Of these, 2100 will travel from New Zealand to Australia.

CEO Greg Foran said it was “the first day of our resurrection.”

It will reignite one of New Zealand’s most important destinations.

According to data from the Australian Tourism Board, only 147,000 New Zealanders traveled to Australia during the year to January 2021, down 90% from the 1.4 million pre-Covid trips of the previous year.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s warning warns that in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak, people need to be prepared to submit a bill to stay longer, but as they are losing their appetite. I can’t see.

International flights will be on the agenda again from Monday.Photo / Jason Oxenham
International flights will be on the agenda again from Monday.Photo / Jason Oxenham

But many have been waiting for a while. Seven percent of those surveyed plan to take advantage of the bubble almost immediately by going next month.

An online poll of 1000 adult respondents was conducted from April 8th to April 12th from the ConsumerLink panel with an error of +/- 3.1%.

The government and tourism sector are looking forward to people coming in the opposite direction from Australia to New Zealand and are watching carefully to see if their intentions come true.

Rene de Moncy, Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Tourism Board, said the focus will be on ensuring that Australians can pass the traveler’s intentions.

“Ease of travel and access have a strong impact. We know that there are resilient travelers who are willing to connect with friends and family, or for business reasons, but many are“ waiting ”. I’m looking forward to seeing and approaching. “

The first tranches of people flying in both directions are expected to be those who visit friends and family, while those who are businessmen or on vacation are expected to follow soon.

Prior to Covid-19, New Zealanders traveling to Australia spent about $ 2.3 billion annually, and Australians spent $ 2.7 billion here in 2019.

Modeling of Tourism NZ in April estimated that the bubble would restore tourists from Australia to 80% of pre-Covid levels by January 2022. However, it may take until July 2023 for all international tourist spending to return to 80%. Precovid level.

Minister of Tourism Stuart Nash.Photo / Mark Mitchell
Minister of Tourism Stuart Nash.Photo / Mark Mitchell

Tourism Minister Stuart Nash said the New Zealand Tourism Board has launched a marketing campaign in Australia to attract visitors. This is expected to include focusing on ski vacations as winter approaches.

But Mr Nash said New Zealanders want to spend their holiday money at home.

“But if people think that only Australians come here, they’re wrong. It’s a two-way process. Of course, New Zealanders will go to Australia too.”

An Australian market research commissioned by the New Zealand Tourism Board at the end of last year showed strong support for the Australian bubble. Approximately 20% of those considering traveling abroad gave New Zealand the highest priority and planned to travel within six months of border development. There are about 800,000 people.

Overall, 77% of Australians considering a visit to New Zealand said they would be on vacation and 46% said they would like to visit their family and friends.

New Zealand’s treatment of Covid-19 was also highly rated, with two-thirds saying it has become more recognized as a New Zealand vacation destination.

Covid 19 Coronavirus Transtusman Bubble: Polls Show Kiwi Aims to Travel to Australia

SourceCovid 19 Coronavirus Transtusman Bubble: Polls Show Kiwi Aims to Travel to Australia

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