Coronavirus attacks men, most difficult for older people

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Friday, February 28, 2020 (HealthDay News)-Coronavirus is on the verge of a pandemic, experts say, if so, older people and men are at greatest risk of serious illness and death. Is called.

Data from China show that men die from the coronavirus almost twice as often as women, and the virus is more likely to sick or kill older people than younger people.

According to a report last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, China’s male coronavirus mortality rate is 2.8% compared to 1.7% for females. Prevention..

About 80% of people who died from the virus in China were over 60 years old, the National Health Commission of China reports.Research Lancet The average age of the developed Chinese people was 55 years old pneumonia As a result of coronavirus infection.

It’s too early to know exactly why this happens, but experts say that the combination of gender and age differences can affect how well some people respond to a virus infection. Say there is.

As of Thursday, approximately 83,000 coronavirus infections were confirmed worldwide, killing approximately 3,000 people. Associated Press report.

According to the WHO, China is a potential pandemic epicenter, with 78,824 confirmed cases and 2,788 deaths.

Infants and the elderly are generally the most severely affected age groups influenza Dr. Sean O’Leary, an associate professor of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, said:

According to experts, children have a young immune system that is just beginning to learn how to protect against infection, while older people have a declining and less effective immune system.

“Our immune system weakens with age, making it more susceptible to dangerous viruses,” said Dr. Ronamodi, deputy director of geriatrics and palliative care medicine at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. stock.. “

Older people also have a body that is prone to chronic illnesses caused by wear aging, O’Leary said, and it may be a decisive factor that puts older people at risk of more serious illness and death from the coronavirus than children.

Conditions like arthritis, Diabetes mellitus, Heart disease And cancer Experts explained that the body is known to be unable to cope with the infection.

“surely, Virus In people with certain underlying chronic illnesses, “In general, children tend to be a healthier population, so children are more likely to be better off with these illnesses than older people.”

When it comes to coronavirus, women seem to be more immune than men. This may be because women tend to have a stronger immune system than men.

Dr. Gregory Poland vaccine “In general, women respond better to infections than men,” said a Mayo Clinic researcher and infectious disease specialist in Rochester, Minnesota. influenza Virus. Men are more ill than women when they get the flu. “

Women’s immune system is so primed that they are much more susceptible to autoimmune diseases such as: Lupus And Rheumatoid arthritis Dr. Janine Clayton, Director of the Laboratory, Than Men Women’s health At the National Institutes of Health New York Times.. Nearly four out of five people with autoimmune diseases are women.

However, experts added that the difference between men and women extends not only to biology but also to lifestyle, which can affect the risk of a fatal coronavirus infection.

For example, studies show that Chinese men smoke at a much higher rate than women. More than half of Chinese men smoke, while about 3% of women.

It turns out smoking According to Poland, the coronavirus activates the receptors it uses to infect human cells.

“That is the speculation behind the reason for such unreasonably high severity and case fatality in China,” said Poland.

If so, the gender difference between coronavirus illness and death may not be as pronounced in the United States, where about 15% of men smoke compared to 12% of women.

Poland and other experts warn that it is premature to know if any of these early differences will become apparent over time, and if these explanations are more than speculation. Did.

“We are making planes while flying,” Poland said of the research’s reaction to the coronavirus.

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Source: Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora. Lona Mody, MD, Deputy Director of Geriatrics and Palliative Care Medicine, University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor. Greg Poland, MD, Vaccine Researcher and Infectious Disease Specialist, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

Coronavirus attacks men, most difficult for older people

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