Concussion can lead to impaired vision and balance in young children

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 (HealthDay News)-Toddler in Suffering Concussion According to new research, there may be vision and balance problems.

“Since one-third of children and adolescents Concussion Injuries occur in elementary school children, we set out to provide a comprehensive description of diagnosed children aged 5 to 11 years. Concussion To identify opportunities to improve the quality of diagnosis and care for this age group. ” The lead author, Dr. Christina Master, is a sports medicine pediatrician at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital.

For the study, Master’s team collected data on more than 1,500 patients diagnosed with Concussion..Researchers have found that vision and balance problems are as common as they are between these 5 and 11 years old. teens..

Nevertheless, researchers found that visual acuity and balance assessments were not routinely performed in young children.

About two-thirds of the patients studied reported vision and balance problems. Overall, 74% of patients were evaluated at some point. Of those, 63% had problems, the study author said in a hospital news release.

However, it was the parents who were given a concussion recovery plan to inform their child’s school about the accommodation they needed, such as a break for symptoms, the use of larger prints or audiobooks, or extra time for allocation. It was only 44%.

The study found that most patients (95%) found only in the emergency room were not instructed by the school.

In addition, only 56% of patients were given a permit to resume play, physical education classes, or other recreational activities.

The Master said that children aged 5 to 11 have the same vision and balance problems as older children.The doctor knows it teens She added that people with these problems are at increased risk of persistent symptoms and worse consequences.

“Our older youth really benefit from early intervention in the form of school accommodation, return to school and physical activity planning. Front yard “Early intervention can also improve the outcome of infants diagnosed with Visio,” said the Master.Front yard [vision and balance] deficit. “

Survey results published online on June 4th Journal Pediatrics..

-Stephen Ryneberg

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Source: Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, News Release, June 4, 2020

Concussion can lead to impaired vision and balance in young children

Source link Concussion can lead to impaired vision and balance in young children

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