Concussion can hurt school performance for some time

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Monday, May 11, 2015 (HealthDay News)-With Kids teens Recovery from Concussion New studies suggest that they may experience difficulties in school work until they are fully recovered.

“The most notable findings were the extent and extent of the student’s problems and concerns. Concussion “The brain is an organ of learning. When injured, learning is affected,” said Gerald Joia, lead author of the study, who is responsible for neuropsychology at the National Center for Pediatrics in Rockville, Maryland. It’s natural to get out. “

Gioia and his colleagues surveyed 110 parents in addition to 239 student-parent pairs about concerns after students experienced work at school. Concussion.. Students aged 5 to 18 Concussion Some thoughts, memories, and concentration test.

Students who were asymptomatic and performed well on the test were classified as recovering, and those who still had symptoms were considered not recovering.

Research participants who have not yet recovered reported that they were experiencing a variety of school-related problems. For example, 88% of students in the non-recovering group had the following symptoms: headache, Malaise Or concentration problems were interfering in at least one way at school, compared to 38% of the recovered group.

Similarly, more than three-quarters of those who have not yet recovered have problems with their academic ability, such as taking time to do homework and having difficulty studying and taking notes, while those who have recovered. 44% showed the survey results.

High school students, who continue to have post-concussion symptoms, have expressed particular concern about their studies. About two-thirds of uncollected high school students said they were moderately or very worried about school work, compared to 52% of middle school students and 38% of elementary school students.

The majority of students who have not yet recovered and their parents believed that the grades in at least one subject were affected by the concussion, but the grades were not independently confirmed by the researchers.Among those who have recovered from them Concussion, Less than half of students or parents say they noticed a change in grades.

According to the study, mathematics was the most troublesome subject, followed by reading and linguistic arts, science and social studies, the students said.

The findings were published online on May 11, prior to the publication printed in the June issue of the journal. Pediatrics..

Dr. Shayne Fehr, an assistant professor of orthopedics at the Medical College of Medical College, said: Milwaukee Wisconsin. “The effects of a concussion in the classroom may be” invisible “to the teacher. Communication about planning and expectations for recovery is important. “

Fehr suggested that parents and teachers follow the American Academy of 2013 recommendations. Pediatrics Regarding recovery of concussion.

“Once the symptoms are acceptable and you can concentrate for about 30 minutes, we encourage students to gradually return to school,” says Fehr. “Initially, we recommend making adjustments such as extending the time to complete homework, postponing project deadlines, and postponing tests until students can tolerate a full day at school.”

Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, added that some students may need special accommodation for certain symptoms.

“It’s important to understand that the timetable for recovery and return to school is unique for everyone,” says Gratter.

The actions needed may include a gradual reintroduction of school work, close monitoring of student understanding and memory, and a supervised one-on-one assessment, Glatter said.

Ideally, Gioia would form a trained concussion management team (school nurses, guidance counselors, school psychologists, athletic trainers, etc.) to work closely with student teachers and student specific symptoms. Said that it is necessary to implement an appropriate response to. ..

Approximately 80-85% of students recover within 4 weeks, according to Joya, but some symptoms may last longer and may require continued academic support.

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Concussion can hurt school performance for some time

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