Coffee in your heart? Even if you think about it, it “evokes the brain”

Monday, April 1, 2019 (HealthDay News)-Need for quick pickup? Researchers say that just thinking about a glass of Joe can give you a mental boost.

“Coffee is one of the most popular Beverage “There’s a lot known about its physical effects,” said Sam Magrio, an associate professor of business administration at UNi, co-author of the study. Our way of thinking “

But just looking at something reminiscent of coffee can irritate the brains of Java addicts, Magrio said. It’s all due to what he called priming, and exposure to clues about something can affect thoughts and actions.

“People often come across coffee-related clues and think about coffee without actually consuming it,” Magrio said in a college news release. “I wanted to see if there was a link between coffee and awakening, so simply exposing people to coffee-related clues increases their physiological arousal, just as if they actually drank coffee. . “

According to researchers, arousal refers to the way certain brain regions are activated to be cautious, awake, and attentive.Triggers are emotions, neurotransmitters in the brain, and even With caffeine Beverage We support.

To check that, Maglio and Eugene Chan, a researcher at the University of Toronto, compared coffee and tea-related clues among participants in Western and Eastern cultures.

Those exposed to coffee-related clues recognized time shorter and thought in more concrete and accurate terms. Studies show that subjective and physiological arousal probably explains these effects.

But not everyone got the same boost. According to Magrio, coffee-related cues did not cause much awakening for participants from eastern cultures, probably because coffee is not the dominant culture.

“In North America, we have this image of a typical executive rushing to an important meeting with a triple espresso. Drinking has this to do with it. caffeine Awakening that may not exist in other cultures. “

The study was published in the April issue of the journal Consciousness and cognition..

Next Steps: Researchers look at the relevance people have about different foods and drinks.

–Robert Preidt

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Source: University of Toronto, News Release, March 28, 2019

Coffee in your heart? Even if you think about it, it “evokes the brain”

Source link Coffee in your heart? Even if you think about it, it “evokes the brain”

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