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CRASH testing of the Atto 3 electric crossover by the nationally accredited auditor in Australia is about to happen, but whether it has a score related to it when it releases in about eight weeks could go a long way.

In the meantime, the car will trade in for something that sounds the same, but is different, a Vehicle Safety Risk Rating. This enables it to achieve the Clean Car discount, which is vital to Kiwis’ purchase of low-cost electric vehicles.

Ateco Automotive, which represents automaker BYD Auto, has released Atto 3 pricing that, with the government discount of $8625 applied, an entry-level variant will challenge another Chinese product, the MG ZS EV, as a low-cost brand-new choice.

The distributor says the car is eligible for the discount, a statement supported by the Motor Industry Association, a vote for nearly all new vehicle distributors.

VSRRs are used by the government’s Rightcar agency and designed to be measured on any car that does not have a score from the national crash test assessor, the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), based in Melbourne.

Rightcar sets the VSRR reference by assessing data related to other models of its type, which are already being sold. Confusingly, crash tests and safety rating reviews use both star ratings. Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency says any electric car with a safety rating of three stars or better will get the discount. The Atto 3 does.

The twist here is that ANCAP, which is New Zealand-funded and the priority body to determine how safe new cars are, has announced its intention to crash the Atto 3. Once that happens, the ANCAP score will be the bottom line. The potential of the test failing is theoretically there, but no one in the industry spoken of today believes that is likely.

ANCAP told today that the Atto 3 is on the schedule. A spokesperson couldn’t say exactly when the model will be subjected to the bruising regimen of testing, except hoping it will this year. When the scores become public could not be answered.

“Testing of the BYD Atto 3 is planned and an ANCAP safety rating will be published upon completion of all tests and technical assessments.

“ANCAP is working closely with BYD (China) and the local Australian distributor, EVDirect, regarding the testing schedule, local vehicle specifications and safety performance.

“We understand that there is significant interest in this new entrant to the market, from both fleet buyers and general consumers, and having an independent review for this vehicle is a priority for ANCAP.

“Subject to local launch timing as determined by BYD and their distributors, if the Atto 3 is available to consumers prior to the publication of the safety rating by ANCAP, the Atto 3 will be classified as ‘unrated’ until ANCAP is able to provide a ​​classification.”

Pressured to give any idea about when the test could take place, the spokesperson said: “We hope the tests will be completed in 2022, but there are many variables that could affect testing and release timing.

“As you will understand, the ANCAP testing process is extensive and many assessment factors are examined. The time required to test and publish ANCAP safety ratings can (and will) vary by model. Unfortunately, there is no set number of days to test, or to evaluate results and other technical information after testing is complete. It really differs from test program to test program.”

The Clean Car regulation has never been tested by a brand new car arriving without a crash test rating, but has already dealt with another new product that was subjected to a zero rating – the worst possible – from NCAP. That was the latest Renault Zoe, introduced at the end of 2021 and withdrawn from sale within two months, because the distributor had set the score and it was impossible to sell. The ‘zero’ rated version may not have been allowed to hit the discount; although there are testimonials of EV owners that the owner of one car has done. The pre-facelift version could, because it had an acceptable NCAP score.

The Atto 3 version with potential to reset the entrance fee for driving a new EV is the Standard, which will be released in December.

Clarity discount for BYD baby — Motoringnz

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