Christian Gray’s Decade: 50 How the Shade of Gray Changed Sex Life

50 Shades of Gray becomes 10 (Photo: Chuck Zlotnick / Focus / Universal / Kobal / REX / Shutterstock)

When the cheeky Fifty Shades of Gray turns 10, Britain’s top sex part explains how it changed a woman’s sexual life forever.

It’s the best-selling British paperback ever, the top of the world’s best-selling list, and translated into 52 languages.

Yes, 50 Shades Of Gray – sent bondage / discipline and sadism / masochism (BDSM), blushing domination and obedience to mainstream – will be 10 years old next month.

And despite MeToo, the moody romance between Anastasia Steele and billionaire Christian Gray continues to rock us …

Girl On the Net, Sex Blogger

“Fifty Shades undoubtedly nudged BDSM and became mainstream, beginning a broader conversation about the types of sex Ana and Christian have in books, as well as the desires of women.

“When I started a sex blog 10 years ago, I had to fight very hard to explain that women can and can really enjoy sex. We have sex. It’s not just about exchanging love, gifts, comfort and money.

“For women, it’s easy to talk about kinks, pleasures, and sex toys, and it’s easy to say that we can believe in horny.

“This book was a great starting point for people to start talking more about what they wanted sexually. And it had a huge spillover effect. Because this book was so financially successful, More companies and writers wanted to participate in the action.

“I don’t think Fifty Shades hampered the issue of consent. It’s fiction, but thanks to the public debate about consent at Fifty Shades, we have much more information about consent in our lives. I have a conversation based on it. That’s really good. “

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele (Photo: Chuck Zlotnick / Focus / Universal / Koval / REX)

Annabelle Knight, Love Honey Sex and Relationship Expert

“Fifty Shades has had a huge impact on making the sex of millions of couples more adventurous than’vanilla’. Bondage was not an extreme activity, but was seen as a fun way to confuse everyday life and build more intimate relationships. A previously niche product has become a bestseller overnight.

“Shortly after the book was published, Lovehoney developed a series of boot-only Soon. Sex toys are now on the shelves of Sainsbury’s and Tesco.
“They have been fully accepted by the mainstream. Shoppers can put them in the basket in the same way they buy condoms, without raising their eyebrows.

“The only way to see the popularity of sex toys and soft bondage soaring over the last decade is to look at love honey.

“When the book was first published, we had annual sales of around £ 15 million, mainly in the UK. Ten years later, we are a global brand with annual sales of over £ 100 million. Riding crops and blindfolds are experiencing a significant surge in sales.

Lovehoney is a Fifty Shades toy, bondage, approved by EL James.
Lingerie range, lovehoney.co.uk

Jamie Dornan as Christian Gray (Photo: Chuck Zlotnick / Focus / Universal / Coval / Rex / Shutterstock)

Lust owner, Calandra Balfour!Brighton taboo sex shop

“It was clear that someone read Fifty Shades ten years ago. They visited a sex shop with a Fifty Shades shopping list, including blindfolds and horse riding crops. Before that, fluffy handcuffs. Was considered dangerous. The increase in people trying these types of items has increased 1000-fold and is now perfectly normal.

“People are now more adventurous, and even the word” metamorphosis “was considered to deviate. I run a BDSM workshop. People can’t get enough!

“This book makes it possible to ask what a woman wants sexually and does not come back from that change of attitude. It is permissible to have desires and desires and voice about them. It is permissible to raise.

“These women are mothers, aunts and friends, and their attitudes are more openly filtered when talking about sex-sexually curious and open to explore.

“I’m looking at a much younger customer now. Ten years ago, it was very rare to see a 22-year-old kid buy a ball gag himself. Stop now.

‘I envy them. I wish they were sexually experimental and confident at their age. “

See lust.co.uk and taboo.co.uk

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Christian Gray's Decade: 50 How the Shade of Gray Changed Sex Life

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