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Christchurch Mosque Shooting: Rose Byrne Plays Jacinda Ardern in New Movie “They Are Us”

Emmy-nominated actress Rose Byrne will play Jacinda Ardern.Photo / Getty Images

Emmy-nominated actress Rose Byrne will play Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the next movie, weeks after the 2019 Christchurch Mosque attack.

The film, titled “They Are Us,” was written and directed by Andrew Niccol of New Zealand and focuses on Arden as the main character of the film.

They are us, and Kiwi citizens are behind her message of compassion and unity, including the government’s reaction to seeing the ban on assault rifles in New Zealand, following Ardern’s reaction to the tragic event of March 15. Shows how they got together.

The title of the movie “The Are Us” is taken from Arden’s powerful speech following a tragic attack on 51 innocent victims who participated in the morning prayer.

Ardern received worldwide acclaim for her reaction to the shooting, and New Zealand gathered around the country’s Muslim community to reflect the government’s reaction.

The script was created directly in consultation with several members of the tragic-affected mosque.

Production will take place in New Zealand and will be produced by Ayman Jamal, Stewart Till, Nicole and Philippa Campbell.

“They are us, but not about the attack, but about the response to the attack. [and] How the unprecedented act of hatred was overcome by the overflow of love and support, “Nicol told Deadline.

“This movie deals with our common humanity, so I think we’ll talk to people all over the world. This is an example of how to respond when a fellow human being is attacked.”

Basner said: “We market this inspiring story about the positive impact that powerful leaders can have on the lives of their members, even in the darkest moments, when working from a place of compassion, love and unwavering belief. I’m excited to put it out. To do the right thing. “

Byrne recently appeared in a limited series called Mrs. America, who played journalist and activist Gloria Steinem. She is also well known for her comedy role in Bridesmaids and Bad Neighbors.

Kiwi director Nicole was nominated for an Oscar in the movie “Gattaca” he wrote and directed. He also wrote and produced the Oscar-nominated photo The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey.

The project is currently planned for purchase by international buyers and upcoming Cannes virtual markets, and CAA Media Finance is being sold to distributors in Japan and around the world.

Christchurch Mosque Shooting: Rose Byrne Plays Jacinda Ardern in New Movie “They Are Us”

SourceChristchurch Mosque Shooting: Rose Byrne Plays Jacinda Ardern in New Movie “They Are Us”

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