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Christchurch Massacre: Moving To Make All The Movies About Ardern Causes Anger | New Zealand

A Hollywood movie plan focusing on the response of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Christchurch Mosque Terror Attack In New Zealand, frustration and disgust have been caused by the accusations that Muslim victims have been on the sidelines.

The film will star Australian actor Rose Byrne as Ardern. According to The Hollywood Reporter, And they are called us – a line derived from one of Ardern’s speeches at the time. Directed by New Zealand filmmaker Andrew Niccol and produced by Film Nation.

On Friday, some New Zealanders criticized Ardern’s leadership as “exploitative,” “insensitive,” and “obscene,” against the backdrop of the mass murder of 51 Muslims by white supremacists.

Ardern Away from the film, he issued a statement through a spokesperson that “the prime minister and the government are not involved in the film.”

Writer and community advocate Guled Mile said the film’s premise was “totally insensitive.” He said the filmmaker might have consulted with some members of the Muslim community, but many didn’t know the news was coming. “It hit us all suddenly,” he said. “Many victims themselves have never heard of this.”

He said the film’s clear focus on Ardern obscures the experience of Muslims who survived the attack. “In reality, many victims are struggling now. They are really still trying to pick up the fragments-financially, everything,” he said. “It took advantage of that vulnerability to take full advantage of the situation.”

Many of the bereaved families who have been injured in the attack face ongoing financial stress, lifelong physical problems and trauma. We are calling for a better response from the government.

Maia said: No one wants to talk about the lack of financial compensation for government failure. No one is responsible for this. “

The Guardian is seeking comment from the production company FilmNation Entertainment and Nicole’s distributors.

The Hollywood Reporter said the film “how Ardern would rally New Zealand, convey a message of compassion and unity, and promote an assault rifle ban after the terrorist attacks on two mosques in 2019. It tells us how useful it was. ” They also report that the script was “created in consultation with several members of the affected mosque.”

New Zealand writer Mohammed Hassan calls the attack “The story of the white savior“. He added: This is upset, obscene and grotesque. “

Aya Aru Umari, whose brother Hussein was killed in the attack, tweeted the classic Kiwi principle “Yeah, no,” and said he was insensitive. “I don’t think this movie will be well accepted in New Zealand. My guess is that Hollywood is overcapitalized,” she told the Associated Press.

Others expressed their anger on Twitter.Local producer Ahmed Ottoman said that many survivors and families of the victims are still “alive.” [a] I didn’t get enough support as a “nightmare”. He said the film was “the glory of the most tragic and traumatic event ever happened.” “Why don’t we make while we are working on it? [a] A movie about police and SIS failures [Security Intelligence Service].. Oversight of innocent Muslims and our community, the consistent harassment and racial profiling we experience. “

The planned title of the movie, They Are Us, Quote by Ardern Immediately after the attack, “They chose to make New Zealand their hometown, and it is their hometown. They are us. The one who perpetuated this violence against us is not. They are. Has no place in New Zealand. “

“They are us, but responding to the attack, not about the attack … How the unprecedented act of hatred was overcome by a flood of love and support,” Nicole told a Hollywood reporter. “This movie deals with our common humanity,” he said.

Ardern’s quote has become a broad motto of post-attack solidarity. However, the line itself has been criticized for making the New Zealand Muslim community “others” and whitening the country’s Muslims. Ongoing issues regarding racism..

Christchurch Massacre: Moving To Make All The Movies About Ardern Causes Anger | New Zealand

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