Chrissy Teigen Removes Cheek Fat When Celebrating Drinking

Chris Sieteigen has recently marked 50 days of drinking (Photo: Getty)

Chrissy Teigen is very proud of the results after removing fat from his cheeks.

Models are usually open to receiving cosmetological treatments. Removed her breast augmentation surgery last year.

In an Instagram post, she revealed what happened after Dr. Jason Diamond had removed cheek fat.

The cheekbone pad is a round mass of fat in the center of the cheek in the hollow area below the cheekbone. Fat pads are normal, but fat pad sizes vary from person to person.

Chrissy, 35, appeared in a clip on Instagram Stories, showing what the cheekbones look like after surgery, adding that they were particularly noticeable. I recently gave up drinking.

In a post titled “I’m not ashamed of the Dr Diamond game,” she said:

‘That’s good. Yeah, I did that, what? “

It’s been her “longest winning streak ever” after the two mothers marked 50 days of drinking, and since they decided to quit drinking forever.

She used Instagram to confess that she had “some problems” along the way, but returned to the course.

She writes: It should be almost a year, but I had some (wine) hiccups on the road. This is my longest winning streak! “

Models are always open about cosmetic procedures (Photo: Getty)

The model admitted she wasn’t sure if she would “never drink again,” but confessed that “drinking is no longer useful to me.”

In a deep and honest post, she continued:’I won’t be more fun, I won’t dance, I won’t relax. Perhaps I missed a fun night, so I get sick, fall asleep, and wake up with illness.

“I enjoyed it and thank those who can enjoy it responsibly!”

Shared by Lip Sync Battle Stars in 2019 She had Botox under her armpits to control sweating.

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Chrissy Teigen Removes Cheek Fat When Celebrating Drinking

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