Chris Hemsworth wants his brother Liam to “finally take shape” at the age of 32.

Chris Hemsworth’s birthday tribute to Liam was hilarious (Photo: @ chrishemsworth / Getty)

Chris Hemsworth shared a cheerful message to commemorate the 32nd birthday of Brother Liam Hemsworth.

Sharing a photo of Liam, who is clearly ill, with the 6-pack on display after his workout, 38-year-old Chris writes: @liamhemsworth Hopefully this year is the year you will eventually take shape and take care of yourself.

“To help you transform, I give you a 10% off gift @centrfit membership #familydiscount I love you. ‘

Chris also shared a long-haired Liam snap and posed with a pair of shorts next to a beautiful birthday cake, flower and gift, and exhibited blue, purple and silver helium balloons. ..

He combined two recent snaps with Liam’s very cute throwback as a toddler to create the Big 3-2.

Liam also used Instagram to thank the fans for joking about their wishes:’Thanks to everyone who sent their birthday wishes! I love you!

It’s time for someone to tell Liam to sort it out because it’s so badly out of shape (Photo: @chrishemsworth).
Happy 32, Liam! (Photo: @chrishemsworth)
He was always a cutie (photo: @chrishemsworth)

“These cakes I sent should really help my health and fitness journey! Cheers!”

Liam then took advantage of the discount to record himself at the gym. He tells his followers:

He joked:’I am especially grateful to my brother Chris for giving me 10% off Centrfit membership.

“What a gift I mean! A gift of health. I’m really grateful. All I needed to continue my fitness journey was a ** e kick. Everyone, a happy and healthy year. May be. Lots of love.’

Never change, everyone.

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Chris Hemsworth wants his brother Liam to "finally take shape" at the age of 32.

Source link Chris Hemsworth wants his brother Liam to "finally take shape" at the age of 32.

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